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Carol Shanahan (Roberts) - Class Of 1962

Carol Shanahan (Roberts)

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Jim Widner (1958)

Here is a clip from the tender, heartfelt comments in Bill Robert's profile.   It was such a nice tribute to Carol, I thought it belonged on her Memory Page.  I personally remember her as a cute little red headed kid who followed her Dad around when he was my Scout Master.


"In July of 1962 I happened to meet Carol Shanahan at the Foster Freeze. She told me that she was separated from her husband and 8 months pregnant with twins. Carol and I had always been friends in school but we never dated. We both had horse's and our corrals were across from each other. I would see her out there usually every day and we would talk and sometimes ride together. I really liked Carol but I never got up the nerve to ask her out. After seeing Carol at the FF I saw her several more times before she gave birth. On Aug. 19 Carol brought Danny and Dena Marshall into the world. Carol and I started seeing each other soon after she had the twins. I was really was quite taken with these babies and started learning how to be a father and yes I did it all feeding, burping, changing diapers ect. The following summer Carol and I were married and we settled into a house on 8th street. Carol's parent's Lee and Alice who were really great people had put a down payment on the house. I believe our payments were $80 a month. What a great wedding present that was. A few months before we married I had taken a job with the Bureau of Reclamation on a survey crew and Carol had started a job at BC Hospital as a nurse's aid. Carol decided she liked nursing and wanted to make a career of it so she applied for and was accepted into the fall nursing program at a hospital in Las Vegas. We were really happy as a family and it looked like we had a good future. I really enjoyed being a father to Danny and Dena I had been with them from the beginning. I really loved them and felt I was their father, so Carol and I began to make plans for me to adopt. In the fall the survey team was given notice that we were moving to Utah after discussing it with Carol we decided that wasn't for us. So I quite the Survey job with the Gov so Carol could start nursing school and we could stay together as a family. I started driving a truck for my father hauling hay out of Pahrump. The job was tough but it payed well so it worked out. Several months after Carol started school she started having pain in the front of her hip we thought it was an old injury giving her trouble. The area on her hip started to swell and x-rays were suspicious so a biopsy was done and it turned out to be bone Cancer. In the 60's if you could not amputate because of location the disease was fatal. Naturally we were all devastated but Carol was determined to fight it and finish her schooling. Carol had surgery to remove the tumor and when the incision healed after 3 weeks she went back to school. While attending school she started radiation treatments. The radiation made her ill but it didn't stop her she kept going. After the completion of the treatments she started feeling much better and she started making up her lost floor time and school work. I in the mean time had been driving the truck and working part time at the Shell station in town. I also started working as a reserve police officer on the BCPD on weekends. Every night I would do as much as possible with the kids so Carol could study. Enough could never be said for Carols mother Alice who would take care of the children everyday when we were working and going to school. As a family we were doing well and Carol was doing great with her health. In the the fall of 1964 Carol graduated with her class and received her diploma and nurses cap; she was now an LVN. Everyone was so proud of her because she was able to make up all her time and school work and graduate with the class she started with. She did all this in the face of such adversity and still found time to be a wife and mother she really was quite a women. After graduation Carol went to work full time at BC hospital and I quite driving the truck and went to work full time at the Shell station as manager. I also started putting in more time as a reserve officer. In Feb of 1965 Carol started having symptoms of the Cancer returning. She had to take a leave from the job she loved and start Chemo treatments at UCLA Med center. I don't want to go into detail's of that last year of her life but I will say it was a terrible ordeal for her to go through. There is no way for me to explain the feelings I had watching her die a little everyday and the pain she had to go through was just awful. In Dec of 1965 Carol lost her battle with Cancer. I and the rest of the family was totally devastated. After Carol passed Danny and Dena went to live with there grandparents as that was Carol's wish for the kids. "

from Bill Roberts' profile page.

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