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Kathy Roche - Class Of 1961

Kathy Roche

The memory notice for John Morton (Class of 1956) lists those who preceded him in death, including wife, Kathryn. She would be Kathy Roche (Class of 1961). We crossed paths years ago when she became receptionist for a firm where I worked. She preferred to be called "Kate," and had matured into a cute, petite, very proper lady. We had many heart-to-heart talks and she related to me that the school counselor advised her not to return to high school after missing much of her senior year due to illness. She was disappointed he had given her such bad advice instead of encouraging her, but she was cheerful and upbeat and accepted the challenges life gave her. John was a loving and understanding husband. I imagine she ultimately passed as a result of her various health issues. I'm happy to have known Kate Morton.