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                  Home of the Eagles

Welcome to the Boulder City High School Alumni Website.  This secure site is open to all Boulder City Alumni, whether graduated or not (including faculty and staff) who attended Boulder City High School begining with the first graduating class in 1942 through the Class of 1967.  Guests can be allowed site access with approval of site administrators.  The purpose of this site is to provide a easy and informative way to post reunion notices, items of interest about Boulder City, and to facilitate keeping in touch with each other.  (Click on 'This WebSite' for more info).     

Invitation to "In Memory" Listing - See Tab above.

You are invited to review a list of Classmate Obituaries or notices . Just go to the tab "In Memory".  The listing is by year of passing, but, it is easy to list alphpbetically, with or without a class picture.  You can also just click on your graduation year and see only that group.

I encourage you all to use your "Notify Me" tab in Member functions ...  one of the choices activates an email so you can be notified of additions to the In Memory listing.  So you won't miss a new obit added. 

NEW INFO  :   Below is a link to  the website of BC Cemetery Directory ..  Lots of history here. 


Over the years at the Reunions  Bill Wisehart ,  class of  1945,  would bring several wonderful Eagles, as door prizes and gifts..  Here is one of them Bill  gave to me.    I now have it guarding my patio.  Jim W.  '58

Jim Widner '58 ,   Greg Langley '64 and  Alice Dodge Brumage '49 with their Wisehart Eagles.

Bill  &  Mickey Wisehart

P.S.  Here is a pic of a beatiful Eagle given to me by Mary Jane Carter, class of 1943  ..  she was a delight and she was a good friend of Bill Wisehart and everyone she ever met.   Jim Widner, '58    Plus here is a pic of three pioneers of BCHS at the 2015 reunion.  Bill Wisehart '45, Fred Holland '43, Mary Jane Carter Richey '43.

There is a new historical Mural  by Connie Ferraro at the Martha King School

Here is the link to see a neat video of the new murals Connie added at the Martha King School.

To make this posting complete here are a couple of pics of the main players  i.e. Connie and Martha , along with a bunch of old time teachers we had over the years at BCHS

We all remeber Mrs. Martha Pike King.   Boy was she modest ..  I would have surely bragged about my father getting the "Medal of Honor".     Bless her sweet heart ..  she was a guiding light for a lot of us.  p.s. Pike's Peak is named after her grandfather.    Go to her profile on this website for more Mrs. King history.  Jim W.



Here is a real upbeat, historical video  Bob Patterson '55  sent in  ..  I know you will all enjoy it.

Here is a copy of the letter sent to the BC Hotel Museum with our BCHS  Aluimni group's $250 donation.   We recently got a few generous donations , that made this possible..  THANKS 


Labor Day Retrospective: The People Who Built the City    -  Boulder City News.

September 5, 2022 by 

On Labor Day, we like to post photographs of the men and women who helped build this city. Continuing this tradition today, Mr Jim Widner sent us this photograph of Mr Bruce Eaton, an early community resident. Mr Eaton worked at Hoover Dam. In this pic, he and a group of volunteers begin construction on the football field of Boulder City High School in 1951. Years later, the field would be named in his honor. In this photograph, he is the man pictured third from the right.

About the Eaton family, Jim had this to say:

“The Eatons were a family that helped build Boulder City history. The pic was of Bruce who worked at the Dam and was a wonderful volunteer. Mrs. Mary Eaton was a teacher and an important part of the Rainbow Club (for young women). And their 2 kids were BCHS standouts. Their son, Gary Eaton, passed away in 2014, but the real Boulder City historian of the family was Kay Eaton Hettingger. She had such a great memory of Boulder City events and in fact Nevada events, since she too was a teacher in Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada. She passed away in October 2021.”

Thanks, Jim, for sending along the pic. We do enjoy the history of our beautiful town and respect those who came before us to make it the desert oasis that we’ve all come to love!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Do any of you know the other volunteers or related to them?  If so let me know thru "message center" on BCHS website.  JW


I just had a nice trip back in BCHS history by going to  1-Home Page  2-Picture Galleries 3-Previous Pics of te Week.   Do that or click on link below to join in on the trip.  Jim W.  class of 1958


Here is a video from Facebook recounting the history of the BC Hospital.    FDR was here.  A documentary by Ray Turner documenting the demolition of the Historic Boulder City Hospital in 2015.

Here is a pic of the Hospital and the Welsh home ..  3 of our alumni grew up there ..  Jim '49, Don '55, Myron '57.  



The BCHS 42/66  Alumni Group  just made a $250 donation to the Boulder City/ Hoover Dam Museum  ..   they do a lot to keep BC History  alive.     Our BCHS website has a few members who grace us with periodic donations  ..  We appreciate them  and this cause seemed like a good one.   Jim    Just sent another $250 on 8/11/2022


It is easy to send a donatation to BCHS 42/66 .. there is a tab on the left "Donations" ...  And if you are a donor and want to help pick our causes , let me know.

Be sure and go to the tab on the left "photo galleries"  to see a list of things we did growing up in BC ..  compiled by Jim Widner '58  and Roy Atkin '56.   And we got a bunch of added memories by other BCHS Alumni.   Or  just click on this link.

Growing up in BC (


I just put this story on the BCHS Facebook page and wanted to share with "You All" too.   Jim W.


Here is a my video I  ran across today from the 2016 All Class Reunion.     Lots of BCHS history, I know you will like it.  Jim W '58                      Just click on the link below to play it.

Here is the committee that so loyally  organized the reunions we used to have.  Maybe this will spur some alumni into volunteering to set one up in 2022 ??    


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Here is an article from the BC Review,  about a new book by Tiane Marie, the manager of the BC museum,  that highlights the history of BC.  My favorite page is 27.  The book is very enjoyable for BC  oldtimers.   JW


Here is a note I sent to Tiane ..  Jim Widner 9/29/2021

Here is pic of Rangers & US Army    includes Rudy LaCrois  and Chet Widner (my dad).

We all have fond memories of our BC teachers ..  here is a good example of why!

The Cello Story

Here is a warm Boulder City story spanning 5 generations. To cut to the end Mary Jane Carter Richey Smith recently gifted her mom's cello to Maansi Kalra Widner. Seems simple but it involves a list of BC connections. The key figure is Mary Jane, a 1943 BCHS grad, I think one of the oldest surviving grads , 77 years ago. Mary Jane moved to BC (Rag Town) in 1931 along with her mom, Eliza and her dad,  Sam. . Her dad worked on the Dam and was killed there in 1934, her mom worked at Central Market and started the first newspaper in BC.   Eliza passed away young in 1946. Eliza  played “the Cello”  during her high school years 1905-08 +-     Mary Jane has kept it all these years, through many a move.  The picture to the left was taken by Johnnie Manis at the 1939 Veterans Parade.  Eliza is kind of in the middle  with dark jacket.. She was active in the American Legion.  When I found this pic on the UNLV website and sent it to MJ she was ecstatic , since she did  not have any pics of her mom. Mary Jan used to play the piano at the American Legion  Hall, all during her Jr. & Sr. high days.  She is 94 now and still plays the piano  twice every Sunday. at her son's church.

I met Mary Jane at  a BCHS Reunion a few years ago.  ..  We became  fast  friends and  avid pen pals.  That lead to her hearing about my new 6 year old, granddaughter Maansi,, who is 9 yrs old now. Then she met Maansi by phone and of course was charmed.  She learned Maansi had taken piano lessons, guitar lessons, and violin lessons.  The latter leading up to her goal of learning the cello.  Over the  last few years Mary Jane and Maansi talk by phone. often and have become very attached.  Then Mary Jane declared she was going to give her mom's 100 year old cello to Maansi.  None of her grandkids had shown an interest and she wanted it preserved and used.   MJ is now getting it ready to send back to Baltimore for Maansi to start her cello lessons.   A lot separates Mary Jane and Maansi: 2900 miles and 85 years. Also a lot binds them together: love for music, purely charming to know, their devotion to friends and family.   ...  Jim Widner, Class of 1958

Here is a great look at our past musicial Ideals.  Sent in my Robert Patterson, Class of 1955.   Makes you reflect on yesterday and be so thankful that we made it this far!

Yesterday When I Was Young….. You have to watch it at least twice….. Once to see each of the faces and try to recognize the singers and a second time to really listen to the words in this great song. I wondered who actually wrote this song and thought it was Roy Clarke but he was the one that first recorded it. 

This is what I found out….."When I Was Young" is a song with a countercultural theme released in early 1967 by Eric Burdon and The Animals; it was written by five of the band members: Eric Burdon (vocals), Barry Jenkins (drums), John Weider (guitar/violin), Vic Briggs (guitar), and Danny McCulloch (bass). This is so well done by Glenn Campbell.

Watch the background pictures. You'll be amazed by the aging of these entertainers. Lots of memories here.


Do it before Summer is here.   On my visit to BC last year I walked the Railroad Trail ..  it was spectacular.  I recommend it for every BCHS kid who visits BC.  Here is a great video by the Park Service about the trail.   I started at the rear of the parking lot of the Gold Strike (now Hoover Dam Hotel) .   Jim W   5/1/2021

Here is a video I ran across , that I did for the Class of 1960s   50th Reunion.  Hope you all  enjoy it.   

It has some great old time pictures of BC  along with the Class of 60 stuff.      Jim '58

just click on this link...

Did you ever get sent to Mr. W. Keeley's office?  I sure did along with Butch.  

Here is a sentimental Boulder City story that spans 4 or 5 generations. It starts with Anna Parks who started  Palm Mortuary in 1926 in Las Vegas.  It involves several BCHS Alumni  and families ..  But is really about Mary Janes dad.

  Hope you enjoy it.   



Here is a great, short video about BCHS in the 50s  ..  done by Mrs. Wagner BCHS pricipal on Facebook.


Here is Amy Wagner, attending one of our reunions and picutre with two OLD TIMERS  Fred Holland '43   and Mary Jane Carter '43


Article in WSJ today 9/15/21  ..  Seems to sum up our Reunions ..

Bellingham, Wash.

My high-school class recently held its 70th and final annual reunion. And I could see in my classmates, the 1951 graduates of Bellingham High, the remarkable changes in America in the decades since we were young. I could see how despite those changes, we held to the best values and outlooks of our growing-up years.

There were 375 in our graduating class in northwestern Washington state. About a third are still alive, beating life-expectancy odds, and around 40 of us, now in our late 80s, managed to attend the reunion. Distance or health kept others away.

The first reunion I attended was our 40th in 1991. It was a several-day event highlighted by a dinner. The men all wore suits and ties, the women their best dresses, and a formal class portrait completed the dinner. Our 2021 reunion consisted of only a luncheon. Everyone wore casual clothing. No professional photographer had been hired, but classmates with cameras and cellphones lined us up and took group photos nonetheless.

All of us had been vaccinated, which didn’t seem strange. During our childhoods, we had received multiple vaccines for dangerous illnesses. Vaccination teams came to our grade schools. No parental approval was required. It was just accepted as something to protect ourselves and others. Those were days when group solidarity seemed vital. Since we were born in the early Depression, our school years extended from World War II to the Korean War. All able-bodied men did military service. Several in our class became combat heroes in Korea. My own service was stateside, and no one fired a shot at me. A number of women in the class were pathfinders, entering professions. About 1 in 6 entered college right after high school, and others got degrees later.

While we were growing up, Bellingham was a blue-collar smokestack place. There were sawmills, pulp mills and paper mills. A huge fish cannery, a coal mine, shipyards, a cement plant. Just north of the city were two oil refineries and an aluminum smelter. Now Bellingham is a city of education, healthcare and services. It had a population of 30,000 when we grew up, and is now more than 90,000, with three high schools rather than our one. The Ku Klux Klan had been active once, and there was discrimination against Asian workers. But all that was replaced during our lifetimes by general tolerance and openness.

There was talk at the luncheon of welcoming an expected influx of Afghan refugees. The country was seeing hard times now, we agreed, but we had endured far worse and things worked out. No cause for panic.

After the photo-taking I talked with classmates and then began to leave. But as I looked back into the dining room, I saw that no one else was leaving yet. They clustered together for this last contact. Most of us will never see one another again but, I thought, these were good and valuable people—the kind badly needed now during our country’s illness of spirit.

Mr. Van Dyk was active in Democratic national policy and politics for 40 years. He is author of “Heroes, Hacks and Fools.”

Our Alumni Group just made a $200 donation to this project:

Here is a link to the description of the project  ..  I am sure you could make private donations if you are moved ...


Well we all had a great time reminising about BCHS at our SoCal party on 7/10/2021.  Only about 20 showed up .  Here is a group pic.  Not too good a turn out , since 500 were invited. 



Roy, Pam, Francia, Eddie Vic, Linda, Darleen, Pat, Jim, Peggy, Pepper, Marvin.


Here is a pic of the 2 hosts and 2 of the most loyal attendees (Louise & Barbara), who have left us too early. 

There is one note I proudly pass along ..  A couple of people wanted to help with food and drinks, but Marvin insisted again, it was his treat.  But  those two made a donation to keep the website going or provide help to BCHS causes.  And I HAVE to say Eddie Vic made the highest donation to our BCHS cause ever, in the amount of ???   (you will never know)   thanks  Jim Widner '58

Outdoor Nevada S4 Ep8 Clip | Boulder City Art Walk..  this enjoyable video highlights BC art and the masterpieces that Connie Burnett Ferraro has shared with all us BC fans.



Here is a neat story about RR Pass History

Here is a personal  BCHS story involving RR Pass.  In our senior year at BCHS the Rotary Club would invite students to their lunch and be sponsered by a member.  To instill some civic pride in us, I guess.  Well as a kid I looked a bit older than many, so I got in the habit of going to Klinger's Liquor store to buy beer, to the point Art and I were on a first name basis.  Well guess who was my sponser at Rotary , Art Klinger.  He looked at me and me at him and gasped , I am not sure which of us wanted to leave asap.  Just another BC memory trigger by this video.   Jim Widner '58


Here is a neat web page highlighting the virtues of visiting Boulder City.  Mike Merrill '55 sent it to us .  Thanks it is great.  And thanks to "Nevada Travel" for the web page.


Here are those memorable songs from the 50s..    hope you enjoy the flashback.    Just click on this link.

Be sure and visit the page  "Alumni Authors"  once in a while.   I just added a new book by Gene Ainsworth.  There are many chronicaled on this page.  Just click on the tab to the left.  

Here is a neat video from the BCHS Facebook Page.  ..  lots of current pictures  but our times start at about 14:00 minutes into it.  Hope you enjoy.

Here is a great video interviewing  Tara Leon-Bertoli  about her wonderful historical  project to transform an old tired "Men's Store" into the new "Boulder City Company Store"    


Just click on this link to watch the video:

Their website is at:


The Boulder Bowl is going to close for good tomorrow .. that was the headline in the BC paper in May, 2011.

The city's only bowling alley was built in 1947 and was a source of fun and employment to a whole bunch of us BC Alumni. How many remember setting pins along side Kieth Pymm. But, one of your fellow alumni stepped in saying “ Kids and adults need this landmark saved “ . He bought the building, completely remodeled it, and re-negotiated the lease so the operator would continue.

Some of us stopped there after the reunion and it looks great, it almost looks like an extension of the museum with the great murals on the walls depicting the building of the Dam.  Thank You Pepper Coombes for being such a loyal, sentimental Boulder City Kid.

Mural out front. (Jessica and Pepper + Pepper)  One of the Murals added to the inside Alley Wall.


Old Las Vegas Photos Capture Sin City’s History

hoover dam high school dancers rhythmettes 1957

At least one BC kid was in the Rhythmettes  .. Phyllis Nelson Barber , class of 1961

Facebook Live at the Grand Canyon Airlines Ticket Office/Bradley House with Mark Hall-Patton of the CC Museum in Henderson, 1/27/2021

Ticket office is in first picture.





Donation to BCHS Band

Mr. Gillette  BCHS Band Director gratefully accepts a $800. donation to defray costs of renting bus to transport band to competitions and invitational performances. If not students have to cover this cost. Here is a picture of Sandy and Lavonne (Donations Committee members, along with Denny) presenting the donation to Mr. Gillette.  Three happy faces. 

If you have a soft spot for your days in the BCHS band under Mrs. Garrett, Mr. Peckingham or others, you can make a small donation using the website.  Just click on the Donations Tab on the left. The BCHS alumni  can be proud of the ongoing donations we have been able to make.  See the  Donors Tab for a list of previous generous BCHS  Donors.

Boulder City High School Band Director James Gillette is being recognized for leading the Eagles to four top-five finishes in the Nevada Marching Band Open Series competitions this year. Principal Amy Wagner told the Boulder City Review, “They’ve been working hard and improving these last two or three years. It’s a niche for a lot of our kids and it’s great when they’re doing well.”

Just to add a positive note, the band is holding fund raisers to help themselves too.  See ad for their event that was on Facebook.

Here is a nice Thank You note received from the BCHS Band.


WWII  B-29 bomber at the bottom of Lake Mead  ..  1948.   Do you remember?   Thanks to  The Nevada Independant News for publishing this story ..    Just click on this link to read the great story.

Here are a couple of old time pictures posted on BCHS Facebook page by Principal Amy Wagner.  The were taken during a World War II  Bond Drive.  My guess,  they were from Class of 1944 +-.   Do any of you recognized anyone in the pics, maybe your mom or dad or maybe a grandparent ??

Here is a great photo I ran across today.  It has a bunch of our classmates from the mid 50s.  Hope you all enjoy.   It is especially poignant since Hank Davis is in the front row.    Jim


One added name , front row 4th from left =  Hank Patterson.   .. would welcome help in other names not shown.

Here is a great project for Boulder City and McKeeversville ..  This article is from the website Boulder City Social    ..  Thank You Jean.


Here is summary and website to access the article.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children’s Healing Center will sit on 15 acres of land with a series of individual therapeutic homes to help a growing victim population that has been enslaved and has nowhere else to turn. For more than a half century, the charity has been providing services to abused, neglected and homeless children and youth. This residential program is a natural extension of its programs and will provide a nurturing environment, survivor advocates and other critical services to child victims of sex trafficking. It will be the only residential treatment center, with these specific treatment housing options and services, in the country.



McKeeversville Then and Now.

Here is a slide show I rediscovered today  about the history of McKeeversville  .. it is interesting and I know several  alumni who have logged in lately are kids from there, including , Marvin Mayes 60, Denny Mayes 62, James Woods 58, Nell Mooney Guitierriz 65, Greg Lanley 64, John Gutierrez 64, Jacque Haskett 67,  .Jim Widner 58 , and Lavonne Brown Estes 58 is a current resident .  Sorry if I left you off the list, let me know.  Jim W 12/6/20.   So enjoy.  To watch slide show by Peter Huntoon and BC Hoover Dam Museum in 2011.  Just click on the link below  to play slide show.

Also I would encourage you to visit the "Memory" page of Frank Shelton 42 to see the history of an acheiver from McKeeversville.   


Supplies, people passed through Nevada’s ‘seaport’

Here is an interesting article in the BC News  about Callville Bay. Note the acknowlegment  of  BC's Don Ashbaugh  for the origin of the article .   Any oldtimers will remember Mr. Ashbaugh who was an author and news reporter for the RJ in the 40s and 50s

Here are some pics in McKeeversvill,  from kids who grew up in McKeeversville .  See names below .






Pic top left -right  then row 2 etc.

Basketball hoop in McK  ..  Jimmy Widner 58,  

Slumber party in McK .. Mary Jean Leyba 54, Edith Widner 55, ?

At the chicken coop ..  Edith and Jimmy Widner

Mayes kids ..l/r Tinnmy 59, Pauline 58, Denny 62, Marvin 60, Pete  61  , missing Ed 56.

Ad for Widner house 2019 ..  $280,000 for run down 80 yr. old house ..  

Off to Sunday school .. Edith, Jimmy and mom Betty Widner in front of Chets Ranger car.

McK  Baseball tean 1949+- I see Jerry Cline,  need help with others.

Can you help identify some of these Girl Scouts?

Front row: ?, Edith Widner '55, ?    Back row ?, ?, Pat Turner '55

suggestions:  Beth Akers '56, Louise Smee '57, Diane Earl '57  ??????

Walter Beeler '53 told me they fixed it up and flew it off in the mid 50s .can anyone confirm that account.     Jim Widner

Now for some BC nostalgia  ..  here is a pic of the remodeled Smee House.  Home of 3 of our favorite BCHS Alumni.  Mildred class of 49, Louise class of 57 , Charlie class of 58.   It was a LADWP house.  Do you agree this is the Smee's  house?

It is now at the Clark Co. Museum in Henderson. 

Stop by the Museum sometime at:

1830 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89002 · 

Well I never heard from anyone about the Smee house, oh well.  Today my son sent me a tourists video about BC RR museum and CC Museum in Henderson .. it had a pic of a Babcock/Wilcox house that I now think was the Smee house , here are some pics ..  Do you agree???


Lots of good Dam history in this video ..  and So. Nevada info.

Clark County Museum
1830 S. Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV 89002-8502 - MAP
(702) 455-7955 -

Center Hours:
Open Daily 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
CLOSED Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

General Admission: adults $2.00, seniors and children $1.
Group Tours, please call for reservations and special rates.
Museum memberships are also available.


BC Historic Preservation Month Begins Today!

The City of Boulder City has announced that this month, October (2020), will become Historic Preservation Month, and to celebrate that, they will be feWinner Historic Preservation Award Boulder City, Nevadaaturing four separate ‘virtual tours’ of historic properties in Boulder City!

Normally, we know that our Historic Preservation Day happens each May, but naturally with Covid and the closures we were all facing this spring the event was postponed.

You can find out information on the City’s web site HERE. The first video will be recorded on this coming Sunday, October 4th of the Winner of this year’s annual Historic Preservation Award. The release date on the video is still TBD, but we’ll try to stay on top of that. The home, pictured above is at 1342 Denver Street, (pictured above) and you can see the list of all four historic properties that will be toured, HERE.

We want to give a big shout out of ‘Thanks!’ to the City Staff involved on this project, not to mention all of the volunteers and members of the Boulder City Historic Preservation Committee who do all the work to make this event and others like them, possible. And ‘Congrats!’ to the winners and the owners of the other properties being featured! We hope you all enjoy these presentations!

This article courtesy of BC Social from their website/newsletter on October 1 by .   ..  you can sign up and receive the wonderful newsletter by going to:  

p.s. Jean Widner is not related to the two Widner BCHS grads, but she sure is a BC supporter.

Here is an article from the LV Sun about the New Boulder Company Store:

Here are some neat pics of Lake Mead Lodge from 1947  .. thanks to family pics posted on facebook by Steve McLean.   My how hotel costs have changed.













Who does this remind you of?     Sorry Mrs. Mitchell, I ended a sentence in a preposition.

A Piece of Railway History Returns Home


An 86-year old piece of equipment used in the building of Hoover Dam came home on Friday to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City. This lovely old rail car was brought in by truck and off-loaded at the railway and we got to be there to see it! Even better, we thought you’d like to see what happens in that process – as it’s actually pretty cool, even for a ‘non-train expert’ kind of gal. We also think you’ll like learning more about this historically interesting beauty of a car…

To see whole article and a short video, click on this link:


Your DAM fact of the day: On September 2, 1945 the Dam reopened to the public! Prior to the United States entry into WWII, the federal government established Hoover Dam as a military training camp because the hydroelectric power it generated was essential to manufacturing plants on the West Coast. In March 1941, Camp Williston was established in Boulder City with approximately 800 soldiers, rangers, watchmen, and boat pilots to patrol Hoover Dam’s perimeter. Gates were established on the highway in both Nevada and Arizona to control all public access across the dam, as well as stationary guards and roving patrols to protect key areas. When the United States officially entered the war, the dam and surrounding areas were closed to visitation. The original exhibit building, located in the Nevada Spillway lot, became the headquarters and home for the soldiers guarding the dam. Even tour guides helped in the effort by becoming part of the ranger force. To increase security, all exterior lighting at the dam, power plant and switch yards was turned off except during periods of inspection or repair; windows in the power plant were blacked out with paint; and machine gun posts were constructed around the dam. All measures remained in place until the war ended and on September 2, 1945 all normal security measures and activities resumed!

Provided by Boulder City/Hoover Dam Musuem

What a wonderful surprise I ran across a few months ago while looking at some USBR history website  ..   I came across my Dad , Chet Widner,  who was a Ranger and was one of the guards at the Dam during WWII.


The popular article about Growing up in BC and Alumni additions , was kind of long, so it has been moved from the home page to the "Photo Galleries"    


Polka Dot Haven  ..  Inspiration of Teddy Fenton, building was an old barrack from Camp Williston, students and volunteers helped  fixed it  up and we all enjoyed it.

Will You Marry Me?  Here is a heart warming story about Reunion Romance  ..  thanks to Larry Hardy '59 for sharing this story. 

Just click on this link to view the story.  On my PC the file sprung up at bottom/left  of screen, and I just clicked on that link to view.  In a pinch you could just copy the Link into a browser window.. :


Here is a short video of the USAF Thunderbirds doing a fly over in BC.  Thanks to  Jean W.  at Boulder City Social website.   Here is link , so you can check out BC News once in a while.

Boulder City has been added to the Thunderbirds flyover happening April 11th at 2:30pm. The F-16 Fighting Falcons will be flying over the Boulder City Hospital and the Veterans Nursing Dept. as part of the USAF's way to honor all of our first responders in the Las Vegas valley.

See at:


This week I was reminded of a chapter in the life of Mary Jane Carter , our oldest living BCHS alumni.   The reason for her move back to BC was the death of her pilot husband Lee Richey , during the Korean War, in 1953.   Here is the letter I wrote to her a year of so after I meet her at an earlier Reunion.  The Binocular Story.   The pic of the Elks (1950+-) has a bunch of early BC pioneers, maybe your dad too?  I see some; Merrill, Lappin, Dieleman, Widner, Bywater,  Ashbaugh.    jw

Here is a picture collage  with an intereting tie to basket ball history at BCHS.  Top pic shows Pepper coombes presenting to  Jim Widner winning  a picture frame at the Reunion drawing.   Jim thought what better ending for that frame than David Shay.  p.s. frame was made by Jenks Ranor.  When framing the pic Jim selected a BB Jacket from the 40s  and a few pics of David role in BC basketball.  

Here are a few pics of Mr. Nelson, et al  ..  He was an inspirational teacher and so loyal to BCHS Alumni.

Note says "Edith ..  I was glad you took Advanced Algebra this year. How did you like being the only girl in class.   James Nelson

You can see Mr. Nelson's Memory Page at:


Here is a great video tribute to Mrs. Gene Segerblom from her Celebration of Life gathering in 2013 ..  highlighting her contributions to BCHS  students.  Thanks to Penny Lappin Lester '64 for posting it on Facebook and special thanks to Philip Esser for posting it years ago, so we can call enjoy seeing it.   jw   

Click on this link to view  video #3:

Click on this link to view video #1 ?

There are 3 more parts to the videos, I will try to track them down also.  There is a nice obit in the Teacher List Tab you may want to explore.

Do you think Wisconsin stole  "Onward Boulder"  or the other way around ??  Click on this link  ..  then click on the pic to get the sound.

Today 1/27/20 this video of BCHS pep band playing the song appeared on Facebook.


Check out the Boulder City Review article, by Hali Bernstein Saylor, Just click on the "blue" link below to read article.  :  Some neat BC History.

  Drum & Bugle Corps: pic from 1944 .. -- lots of old timers mentioned in description.  

From the Tom and Erma Godbey Photograph Collection (PH-00262) -- The Drum & Bugel Corps pose together at the Elks Hall, Las Vegas. Written on the back of the photograph, "Front row, L-R: Skipper Small, Patty Whalen, Evelyn Hamm. Second row, L-R: Barry Whalen, David MacLaughlin, Bruce MacLaughlin, Alice Mae Godbey. Third row, L-R: Jeanne Heddins, Ila Margaret Godbey, Bill Helms, Bryan Whalen, John Shipp. Fourth row, L-R: Donald Whalen, Billy Engle, Dennis Whalen, Luke Whalen, Laura Godbey, Frances MacLaughlin. Drum & Bugle Corps during WWII older boys all in service. Taken in front of Elks Hall Las Vegas, NV, August 18, 1944. American Legion Convention Dept. of Nevada." Drum & Bugle Corps during WWII

Plus I added a couple of neat pics from Godbey collection to Photo galleries .. early class 1943.  Check them out too.


<span id="mp3code_E7AE81BC-2219-24ED-AE2A0F9CD6F73EAD" class="mp3code" >&nbsp;</span>

They called them "powder monkeys"...the men who handled the dynamite for the blasting work on the dam.

And here it is...the house made from dynamite boxes in McKeeversville, thank you, Shirl Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoorRay Naegle!

Here also  is a pic of my sister Edith Widner, BCHS class of 1955  playing with a Dyno Box .. from 1938-39 in Chloride AZ Life was not luxurious but simple things were enjoyed.   Plus my mom Betty and sister Edith
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor,. Relaxing on the patio fuImage may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people standing, child and outdoorrniture - a Hercules Dyno Box.  jw


Here is a great picture of Boulder Beach ..  and comments from Facebook.

  • Patricia Naegle Close This is how I remember Boulder Beach in the 60's, with the exception of the wooden bench. The summer I was 9, my brother Shirl Ray Naegle was a lifeguard, and I would get my Mom to drive me down in the afternoon and leave me there! I would spend the rest of the day swimming and playing on the rafts and ropes. It was heaven...but I wish I we had sunscreen back then~

  • Penny Lappin Lester Me too. I remember the first time I swam out to the far raft. Such good times

    Katrina Jo Vanderwaal I think all three of my older siblings worked at Boulder Beach as well. I loved swimming there!

    Susie Resler-traasdahl I loved the beaches in the 60’s and 70’s. My husband was a lifeguard in the 70’s.

    Kathleen Broadbent Morris Took swimming lessons from your brother. Loved swimming at Boulder Beach.

    Brooke Pendleton Cowan The rafts!!

    Mary Holland Lowe Swim lessons.

    Randy Shea I took and taught lessons at the lake.

    Patricia Naegle Close and on the last day of lessons, we would have a "watermelon bust" and sit in the shallow water eating melon and spitting seeds~

    Brock Davis I remember towing Jody Roland all the way around the outside buoys and back because they decided it was too rough to go out in a straight line. There were 2' seas when passing our WSI class and I didn't realize I kicked her in the thigh every time I stroked the whole way. Her leg was bruised for a long time.?¬タヘ♂️

    Jim Widner I think the driving force behind the smim lessons at the Lake was Alice Berry .. mother to several BCHS grads in 50s & 60s. Thank you Alice.

    Ray Clark You are absolutely correct. She organized not only the lake swimming lessons but the ones at the pool. It was a big deal to graduate from the pool to the lake. Alice was quite a lady for many reasons.

    Susie Resler-traasdahl Got my Lifeguard Diploma from Alice Berry at the lake, hard teacher fun class .

    Katie Lang Lawrence Ah, yes, the Big Raft and the Little Raft. It was a big deal to swim out to the big one! It’s where I almost drowned in life saving class, trying to bring Mrs. Berry back in a cross-chest carry!

    Vickie Smith Parker I remember taking those same lessons from Mrs. Berry and when she quite teaching I started teach life saving. She was a great role model for me. Great memories.

    Ray Clark Imagine hitch hiking down to the lake (with mom's permission no less) spending the day in the sun then catching a ride home.

    Ray Clark I would have a heart attack if my grand kids did that today.

Remember when it was a challenge to slide down the sides of the stairs at the Post Office?

Here is a video that made me remember that challange.  Boy have times changed when a dog can do it.  And kids today do impossible  stuff on skate boards.

10 Rare Photos Taken During The Hoover Dam Construction That Will Simply Astound You


Here are some pics of Early Golf in BC  ..  Thanks to Johnnie Manis, UNLV and BC Museum for the pics.  The course was all sand ,,  hit and rake ..  It was pretty much gone by the mid 40s , except for the artful tee boxes built up with big rocks and raised grout, like that at the Dam. 

Here is a great addition to this posting,  from Dean Kine.   10/17/19

For Year:  1954

My father (Joe Kine) got ask to fix up the old golf greens that were mad of sand. He had my brother ( Joe Kine Jr.) and Me ( Dean Kine ) to help him re-furbish the Greens ( or sands ). We went to Shell gas station and got 50 gal oil barrels of used motor oil and took it out to the greens and mixed it with the sand and then smoothed them out ( the greens ) and then went to the next one until we had them all re done. Then the golf course was ready for play. Maybe you could add this to the statement on the old golf course?

Thanks to a fundraising effort by the Clark County Museum Guild, renovations on the historic Grand Canyon Airlines Ticketing Office and Bradley House are nearing completion, and the Clark County Museum will soon have a new addition to its collection of buildings on Heritage Street.

Check out the video inviting everyone to the grand openings


I remember this snow day on Jan. 7, 1949 very well  ..  had to walk to school from McKeeversville , along with my dad on his way to  work at Central Market.   Pic taken from left of Conner's Shell station..   Jim Widner  anymore snow stories from BCHS kids?   If so email to me on the website.  Pic from Facebook posting.

Note from Cornelia about snow storm  ..  But first:. The cello story adds so much to my love for Mary Jane. The cello is my favorite string instrument to play.  

Now my snow story:. I am so happy to have the date of the big snow I saw out of our Mckeeversville kitchen window. But my sister, Jeanne, and I couldn't go out in it, because we had the measles(: We couldn't even go outside to step in it or taste it. Our granny went outside and made a snowman for us to see though. I especially appreciate seeing your picture of our first experience with snow in Mckeeversville.

Thank you, Cornelia Bates (Madsen)   2/9/2020


For you BC star watchers.

The Hoover Dam hides an intriguing secret connecting sky to ground and past to present, using very much the same “as above, so below” system of measuring time deployed at Giza around the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

To learn more, take a read of this intriguing article by Wally Motloch.

See the full article here:

Here is a note we received from Wally , the author. 

From:  Wally Motloch

I noticed that you referenced my article and wondered if there may be someone there that might have more informations or wants to talk about the Star map. I will be in Bolder City Wed. May 29, 2019. and would love to meet such a person. Kind regards, Wally 

Boulder City High School

Thanks @albertsons for the donations to our Band and school at the Ribbon Cutting and Re-Opening! Great Partner to BCHS! #bchs41



Wow! Check out this time lapse of the construction of our favorite modern marvel, the Boulder Dam..


Here is a great slide show, About McKeeversville,  from 2011 at the BC Hotel Museum by Peter Hoonton  ..   Brings back lots of memories for a lot of us.   Here is a list of kids I remember living in McKeeversville:  Nicks, Widner, Langley, Hatfield, Mayes, Pymm, Fiscus, Lyba, Cline, Rants, McBride, Mooney, Woods.  Enjoy by clicking on this link:    Plus here is pic of basketball in McK in the 40s.


We have added several  more Aquilas to the  Tab "Aquilas BCHS Yearbooks".    ..  1963, 1964, 1965  ..    thanks to David Hamdorf., class of 66.   Added the  1943 version  ..  ' , from gift of Aquilas by the daughter of Deloris Cain , class of 46.., and 1949 gifted by  Al Lynch , class of  49. .  

Also we added a link to 51, 52, 60, 61 62. Aquilas from the Classmates website.

Any one else who can and will scan other years , let us know.


Today with the help of UNLV library ,  I  made one of our BC alumni friends  ..  VERY HAPPY  ..   I have spent  quite a bit of time on the UNLV Library's great website of historical pictures and info..   They have been gifted photo collections from a vast array of BC & LV ledgends .  such as Johnnie Manis, Elbert Edwards, Madalyn and Elton Garrett, Teddy fenton and USRB.   

In recent weeks I struck up an email exchange with a 1952 grad.  I had some pics of her mom and dad from the UNLV sources, I sent them, She was happy.  Today it occurred to me I saw reference to some  historical  interviews with her dad and mom ,  well I went back and found it again and sent to her ..  she was thrilled this time!!     

The alumni is Hellen Hettinger, class of 52,  who we all know as Kay Eaton  ..   the transcript of  a video is about her mom, Mary  a BC school teacher and her dad Bruce a USBR worker.  They moved to BC in the 30s and remained an important part of BC for decades.    If you want to join the trip down memory lane just click on this link.      Jim Widner, class of 58


"Top Songs from 1957" .... you can pick other years  from the Youtube page that loads.   

  click on this link for 1957




Picture of the week

Be sure and check out some great grade school pics from several classes. They are in the the tab "Photo Galleries",  "Early Class pics".  They are grouped by decade!



Here is a pic of Biddulph Ford on Nevada Hiway across from former Airport, now the Elks Club. Also there is  a newspaper  ad from 1956 .  ..  I bought my first car there, for $95,  a  1948 Chevy. in 1956. , it lasted for a decade.  ... Jim W.


We have added some  great pics from the 2016 Reunion were taken by our classmate Ben Arp Class of '66 ..   go to the tabs on the left   "Photo Galleries"  "Reunion 2016"   ..   We are working on the pics from the very enjoyable and sucessful 2017 Reunion  and we will add them soon.

  BCHS reunion Committee  

Sandy, Mike, Greg, Lail, Jim, Pepper.           






The tab "Photo Galleries" "Pic of Week".  

Better yet, here is a copy of the Slideshow I did for the 2016 Reunion highlighting the past Pics.   Jim W.


​Previous BC home page postings.

Following are some of the previous information clips that were on this Home Page and became out-dated, but may still be of interest to some Alumni and new users.   I thought of just copying them to a Picture alubum  ..  but, that was a lot of work, when or if interested you can see them here.  I reactivated a bunch more of the older postings.     Jim W.



The new Principal of BCHS came to the Reunion Friday night along with some of her teachers and a bevy of cheerful, bright students.   Mrs. Wagner, Amy to most I'll bet, sure displayed her enthusiasm and school spirit.   Here is a pic of her with two of the early BCHS grads from the Class of 1943.  Fred Holland and Mary Jane Carter Smith.  Both of their fathers helped build Boulder Dam and both have a rich part to play in the history of BC.   Fred still lives in Boulder City and mentioned his family is now in its 5th generation of students in Boulder City.  Mary Jane had a colorful, interesting start in BC and returned for a few years in mid life to raise her kids.  
We send our thanks for "Amy's"  efforts  ...   I think  BCHS is in good hands .  jw   2017 pic


Here is a pic from Facebook  ..  Clark Co. Areo Squad in 1955.  NOTICE the fellow on the right has a BCHS letter sweater on  ..  Does anyone know him ??


Boulder City High School is in good hands now days.  Amy named Nevada principal of the year.  


BCHS  is in good hands with Principal Amy Wagner  ..  here is a local pod cast interviewing Amy at the Coffee Cup  .. better known by old timers as New China Cafe  and Green Hut.

Bold Boulder was live.

58 mins · 

Bold Boulder Ep.73-Amy Wagner

Tour of new BCHS  on 7/3/2019 




Picture of 1955  football team     Thanks to  Adrienne Coombes Gonzales  ,  daughter of Jerry Coombes '54,  and  Collete Cole Coombes '59   ..  she found it cleaning out old drawers of her mom.  She kindly posted it on Facebook..  

The football seasons of BCHS   in mid 50s are  a  ledgend

1955-56  10 wins  0 losses  ,,  1956-57  9 wins  and 0 , losses  ..   The class of '58 season fixed that with a 5/3 record.  

Adrienne also sent this pic of Damboree   Contest  with lots of BCHS almni from 57, 58, 59. in the pic.

One more she found:


Here is an interesting video  of a look back at the history of  BC  landscaping ..  narrated by Dennis McBride.  Sponsered by Bold Boulder .


The discussion in the video about the oleanders at the park near school playground, reminds me of this story. My mom and dad ran the Sweet Shop in the late 40s and one day Charlie Smee came in and got an ice cream cone .. he paid with a $20 bill .. believe me no kid had a $20 bill in those days. Betty, my mom called Dorthy , Charlies mom and asked if she knew Charlie had a $20 bill .. well NO , turns out he lifted it from her purse and buried the change in those oleanders .. the story goes that he could not find the buried treasure after confronted, maybe he forgot where, maybe someone else took .. still remains a mystery .. the sad part of the story, time has taken away the witnesses for the answers.Here is a pic (from UNLV/Edwards collection)  of the school playground, the bushes were off to the left , the Smee's home is in the pic


  Here is a pic of those bushes in the park    looking toward Admin. Bldg.

Plus a vintage pic of Charlie Smee, Jimmy,Widner and  David Stanley

and the Sweet Shop in the mid 40s

     Jim Widner , BCHS class of '58    .





Well good news, at Chistmas time,  the new uniforms arrived and  were put to immedate use.  Here is pic of the girls, and  we received warm Thank You notes from  Coach Estes and the girls.     This  all  makes one feel good about helping ..  Thanks for your loyalty to BCHS.  Jim   






Here is the list of direct Donors and school year, additional funds were raised by a group of Alumni thru a raffle at our SoCal Party on 10/20/2018, and the General Fund pitched in also.   It may be embarrasing to some to be on the list but, I think they deserve the  recogintion.  

Yr. Donor Yr. Donor Yr. Donor
62 Janet Beck Lewis 59 Sandy Hamdorf 57/58 Nevada Raney Davis + Hank
60 Pepper Coombes 62 Robin Segerblom Liggett 60 Peter Lyons
58 Jim Widner 43 Mary Jane Smith 56 Frank Scussel
55 Bob Patterson 60 Dorthy Ainsworth 65 Jeannie Batchlor Miller
56 Roy Atkin 61 Sharon Rogers 64 Katie Lang Lawrence
57 Eugene Mitchell 62 Jim Lang 63 Walt Larsen
58 Lavonne Brown Estes 66 David Hamdorf 60

David Shay

42-67 Website & raffle 60 Marvin Mayes



Tom Lopas

Bill Lawellin

Living in Boulder City

Just a short note to Thank everyone who made the fund raiser for the Girls BB uniforms a success.  The goal was to raise the estimated uniform costs of $2,100  BUT  with many donations from a cross section of Class Years (1943 to 1964),  and the raffle held at Marvin Mayes home,   WE raised $2,300.  Boy does this show that "Eagle Spirit" .   Jim Widner & LaVonne Brown Estes.

Take a look at photos from SoCal get together 10/20/2018 ..   use Tab "Photo Galleris" then "Reunions"  then "Reunion 2018" hope you enjoy.


American Pie (1971) is an allegorical song by Don McLean that starts on the death of Buddy Holly in an airplane crash in February, 3rd 1959, the day the music died...  What a moving video for you music and history buffs. 

click on this link for video:


What a collection of wonderful teachers ...

I could not find an Obit for Russ F.    Does anyone have info on russell ?    JW

Honeycutt, Lillian V., 1899-1980
Jonasen, Bernice E., 1910-1990
Muchow, Violet G., 1907-1989
French, Edna E., 1892-1989
King, Martha Pike, 1902-1994
Farnsworth, Russell
Garrett, Elton M.
Edwards, Elbert B.
Garrett, Madelaine E., 1919-2001
Source     Image ID: 0214 0150
Original Collection     Elbert Edwards Photo Collection


We all owe a thanks to Johnny Manis and his family for their Photo Collection of Boulder City and Boulder Dam.  There are 3200 pictures on the UNLV website that Johnny took.  Surely his daughters are largely responsible in passing on his pics to UNLV.   So many thanks to them.  Both his daughters are alumni of BCHS and are shown below.  I have made use of many of them on this BCHS  website.

According to the biographical data sheet, on file with the George Eastman House, “Lloyd Franklin “Johnny” Manis worked for Earl Brothers (curio king and owner of theatre) as a photographer from about 1935  till the late 1950’s.

Suzy Manis Hoffman, Class of 1964  and Pat Manis, Class of 1958.

Pat was quiet  and moved to Calif.  and I lost track of her  ..  turns out she lived 10 miles up the freeway before her passing in  1989   I can't think about Pat without Patricia Manisincluding her father  Johnnie Manis.  We can all thank him for recording BC history  by thousands of pics  and thank Pat and her family for turning them over to UNLV to be scanned and made available to all of us.   

We could not locate info about Suzy . I enlisted others from her class but,  we have lost track of her. and web searches did not produce a good result.

Jim Widner


P.S.  I must also add that we have gratefully  used other great  UNLV Photo  Collectionbs of other BC families, including:   Edwards, Belnap, Garrett,  & Knighton.  


Video ..  done for 50th reunion for class of 1958

Here is a video done for our 50th class reunion, a short 10 years ago.  I watched this morning and thought it was worth a look again, especially to those in the Class of 58  ..  but, I will post it here for anyone else who may be interested,   some pics include classes of 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60.   Hit this long link to view :  Jim W.


Here is  a pic of some BC  Damboree Queens  from the 1976 Program  ..  lots of familar names !

Here is a great picture of 4 generations of BCHS grads in the Broadbent/Swarts  family, starting with Sue Swarts, class of 1952.

In addition here is a group pic of the Rants/Kine family , another pioneer of BC.


I sent this pic to Roy Atkin '56 ,  as usual he regaled us with a wonderful look at BC history . here you go.  

Jim, Thank you for the photo of the old church.  I spent my growing up years in that church.  We later when I was a senior completed a new church on 5th street.  
I have a photo somewhere of the congregation in front of the church 1932 at the dedication.  Several of those in the photo I came to know.  
There were no pews but only folding chairs.  The main room had a stage also. There were two small class rooms, a very small kitchen and restrooms.  When I was about 11 years old, the church was jacked up and a basement was made.  In the basement there were two large rooms for a Junior Sunday School, and Boy Scout Meeting Room, and a class room.  On occasion the folding chairs in the main upstairs room were moved to the sides and we had dance lessons.  
At one time the church caught on fire.  During the time of repairs, the Episcopal Minister offered the use of the Episcopal church for our services.  When our church was rebuilt, it was re-dedicated.  The Episcopal Minister came for the re-dedication and was honored by his generosity.
During the hot summers, we had large  overhead fans to attempt to cool the church.  Not very successful as I recall, so ladies brought hand fans and tried to keep them and the children cool.           Great memories.   Thank you.    Roy
Here is one more pic I have,  that is relevant from 1958 era.  jw

Several pieces of Boulder City High School’s old building have been given a new life.

When it was being torn down about 2½ years ago, then-yearbook teacher Canaan Petersen noticed some items, including windows, doors and theater seats, that were going to be thrown out.

“My heart was broken when the old school was torn down,” he said. “I felt compelled to save something for alumni, future alumni and those who consider it home.”  The moving force for this project was Kirk Estes.

July 11, 2018 - 4:16 pm  See the full article  at this Link:                                    
p.s.  There is another touch of BCHS history to this story.  Kirk Estes is the son of BCHS, Class of 58 grad Lavonne Brown Estes.  She went on to become an elementry school teacher in BC  for decades. Yes decades.   j.w.

Here is a link to the Memorial Events in BC  in 2018    ...

Here is a great video about the RR Trail, its tunnels and its history in building Boulder Dam.    jw


There is a great story about BCHS football in the 50s by Floy Daun Atkin Mackay's , class of 52  webpage .  

Mr. Schultz’s Theory

Since it’s football season I thought you might enjoy this true story about a coach from my High School. It’s related by my brother, Roy. I am posting it because I needed a smile, and thought you might like to have one, too.

Hope you enjoy.  Click this link.      jw

smileyIf you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Connie Burnett-Ferraro then you are missing out on a local treasure! Connie has been the artist behind the creation of several murals here in town, including the latest   freize on the BCHS Theater.   

But now, she’s been commissioned by Elena Medo, the CEO of Medolac to create a mural for the entire side wall, of their upcoming location at the former Von’s store.  The mural will face Boulder City Parkway, and when finished will be 116 wide by 16 feet tall!  See the full article in Boulder City Socail by Jean Widner at:


This would be a great way for all of us active with BCHS to help keep the wonderful history of BC alive for us to enjoy.  They post some wonderful old pictures, check out their website.
The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum tells the story of the Boulder Canyon Project as it was experienced by the men and women who braved the desolation of the Southern Nevada desert to build Hoover Dam and Boulder City.
Support the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum by becoming a member. Individual memberships start at $20. A Family membership is $40, Organization $60, Business $80. Basic members receive a 10% discount at the Museum Store, a 15% discount at the Boulder Dam Hotel, as well as complimentary admission to the Museum. You can join at the museum, or on their website. Check out their website for some pics:

Can you help identify some of these Girl Scouts?

Front row: ?, Edith Widner, ?    Back row ?, ?, Pat Turner

suggestions:  Beth Akers, Louise Smee, Dianne Earl  ??????

Walter Beeler told me they fixed it up and flew it off in the mid 50s   Jim Widner

Here is a list of    BCHS Authors   ..  For more info go to the tab  "Alumni Authors" where there is a recap of their books.

Jan Christian , Class of 1970 ,   Leave no Brother Behind Memoir
Dorothy Ainsworth,  Class of 1960.  The House that Dorothy Built
Phyllis Nelson Traeger, Class of 1961 - How I got Cultured - A Nevada Memoir
Homer Olsen, Class of 1942   - Skidmarks along the Highway of Life
Karen Rosenbaum  ,  Class of 1958   Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives.  and
                                      A Safe Place ,  Boulder City (you can read in Alumni Authors Tab)
Sally Denton, Class of '70 - "The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World"
Ricky Tilman, Class of 1957  -  See list
Ken Frejlach, class of 1956   Take No Memories
Ralph Magee Class of 1957  - The Woman Board and From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores.
Mable Mitchell - Beloved English teacher BCHS  -  Gloria: A Downwind Saga
Frank Shelton - Class of 1942  - He authored numerous books pertaining to nuclear weapons and genealogy.

2016 Donation   --  This year the Donation Comittee chose to help the BCHS Girls softball team by "pitching in" to purchase their helmets.  As a THANK YOU  they made a  banner and posted it at Whalen Field.       

The Reunion Committe  also sends out our thanks to those Alumni who have made donations.  There is a tab on the home page for those who may want to join in and one listing the  generous donors.


Here is neat segment on late night TV   ..   see it at


New  welcome sign to Boulder City, highlighting "Historic Downtown".   It is patterned after the Figures of the Republic at the Dam.  The arch was put in place in December 2013.  It is at the intersection of Buchanon and Nevada Hwy, heading East.   For you oldtimers, the sign is just before you get to the site of the former Lake Auto Court and Little Store.  Also shown is a pic showing a former Welcome Banner from the 30s, in almost in  the same exact spot  as the new welcome sign.


pic from the UNLV Johnnie Manis Collecion,


New statue in Frank T. Crowe Memorial Park.  The way the the laundry is hanging up in mid-air is done well, so I thought I’d grab a photo for ya!

Narrative & Photo provided by "Boulder City Social" a great website with BC info.



Hoover Dam Megastructures Video by National Geographic.

Watch Other Boulder Dam Videos:

Here is a neat website highlighting  Prior Histroric Remodelling projects in BC  for the last 6 years.​     


Inline image 1

From  Boulder City Social  Newsletter/Blog.

Be sure to check out the tab "IN & AROUND BC" if you are nostalgic about great BC stories.

1) Articles from BC News about BC.

2) That great old Dam movie, from the Visitor Center.

3) A slide show about the new bridge construction. 

4) A wonderful PBS special video about BC and the Dam, with lots of pics and quotes from BC "old timers".

5) Interesting slide show "McKeeversville - part ghost town, part Boulder City".

6) The search for the lost watercolors of Boulder Dam done by Stanley Wood in 1931-34.

7) Just added some great pics of the building of Boulder Dam ..   go to the "In & Around BC" tab (near bottom) to view.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

8)  Where is all those years go  ..  interview and article from Boulder City Review  in  2014;

Sad days ahead for BCHS.  

Here are a couple of articles in two great BC news outlets about the pending demolition and renovation of Boulder City High School.  You can access the articles by clicking on the following 2 websites:

Here is a pic of BCHS in 1949 while under construction ..  notice B Hill (pic from UNLV/Edwards)

Hospital and the Welsh home in picture.


Last Dam Worker

You can access the full Obituary at:

Boulder City’s Gene Segerblom, a former Nevada assemblywoman, teacher and friend dies at 94.


See full obit in the Teachers Tab.


BOULDER CITY REVIEW              Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wondering where all those years go


It has often been said that the older you get, the quicker time passes. In my experience, I have found this to be true.

Life has been a whirlwind lately.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Boulder City Review. And, in just a few short weeks, I will mark my one-year anniversary as editor.

I remember that week five years ago when the Boulder City News closed its doors and the Review opened. It was crazy, scrambling to find an editor and staff, while creating a flag/logo and look for the paper in just a few days.

I had done some redesign work on a sister paper, and adapting these styles for the Boulder City Review was easy. At the time, I didn’t even consider the possibility that I would one day be editor and at the helm of the paper.

It seems like just yesterday that this happened. Sure, my kids are older and I have spotted a few gray hairs, but I don’t know where the time went.

I can only imagine how the past 50 or 60 years have flown by for graduates of Boulder City High School. Judging by the stories they shared with me Friday night during the annual reunion for those who have graduated 50 or more years ago, it seems as if time barely blinked since they walked the hallowed halls of their beloved high school.

The very informal group is open to anyone who graduated from Boulder City High at least 50 years ago. They have a reunion every October where they swap stories, share a few laughs and drinks, and renew their friendships.

Their lives have taken many paths. Some have stayed in Boulder City, some have moved just over the hill and a few have ventured out of state. But no matter where they live or what they have done with their lives, one thing remains constant: a love for Boulder City and the people who call — or have called — it home.

“It’s just magical — an ideal place to grow up,” Jim Widner from the class of 1958 told me. “Everyone had two parents. We walked to school and walked home for lunch.”

“It’s just a beautiful, unique city to be raised in,” agreed Diane Nelson Earl, also from the class of 1958. “We were so blessed. We all knew each other, our teachers, our neighbors.”

Because the graduating classes were so small, and everything in town was so close together, there was less distinction between the classes and friendships spanned the years, said Richard Roper, who graduated in 1957.

They became so close that they can practically tell each other’s stories and life histories.

That closeness also extended to the school’s football field, he said. Growing up, neighborhood boys would get together to play so by the time they got to high school they already had a solid foundation for their coach to build on.

“Nobody could beat us,” he said.

Fred Holland, a member of the class of 1943 and one of the oldest people attending, said he wouldn’t miss the reunion “for all the world.”

A resident of Boulder City for most of his life, Holland said he is happy to be a part of the community. He felt so strongly about his experiences here that he persuaded his granddaughter to move her family from Reno so she could raise her children in the city.

The alumni also do some casual fundraising with prize drawings, with proceeds benefiting BCHS. Just recently, for example, they donated $2,000 to purchase a new sound system for the school.

Roy Atkin from the class of 1956, said the group’s seed money was a scholarship fund started in 1956. Today, however, BCHS seniors have ample opportunities to obtain scholarships, so about eight years ago the group decided to stop giving scholarships and use the money for things the school needs.

Members of the current student council were on hand at the reunion to thank the group and help with check in and a raffle.

And though they still have a few years to go until they are eligible to join the group, the soon-to-be graduates saw how good friends and special memories can melt away time.

Happy 4th of July

Here are some pics from the BC Damboree celebrations in 1953 borrowed from the Boulder City Musuem webpage ..  you can see at their great website at

1943 ..  Civil Defense, volunteer firemen

Ferraro Murals   

Photo provided by "Boulder City Social" a great website with BC info.  For the Mural Tour click on their link:

Here is a great WWII pic of BC,  I got from Facebook by a user "Vintage Vegas".  It shows Camp Williston and it's  barracks, which came into play in our days as a Mormon Church, National Guard meeting place and Polka Dot Haven.        jw


1st BC Schools in 1932  ..  organized by the community.


In Memory of Frank Shelton, Class of 42.

There are many kids who grew up in Boulder City who made a big impact on the world and became a success.  Mary Jane Carter Smith (43) and Homer Olsen (42) have aquainted me with their classmate Frank Shelton from the first graduating  Class of 42.  I felt it was worth sharing their friendship and memories with you all.  He passed away last month.  His family posted a very nice obit which is in his Memory Page.  Homer was his best friend for 80+ years and had some stories about him in a book Homer wrote.  They are also on the Memory page.  

Coinsidently someone from the BC Historic Assoc. very recently posted a pic of him on facebook when he was a young boy in McKeeversville.   His father was a 31er and was an electrician on the Dam and died  young.


Frank went on from  BCHS to WWII then on  to Cal Tech and Amherst  and became a  nuclear physicist.  He went on to be the leading scientist on developement of atomic bombs, atomic testing and nuclear energy production.  He authored many books and films about nuclear issues.

I just wanted to point out this wonderful story of a BC kid, with apparant spartan beginnings, and invite you to read his Memory page.  A tab on the top left side of the home page.     Jim W.

Dead Roses and Blooming Deserts:   The Medical History of a New Deal Icon1
by:    Michelle Follette Turk

“They died to make the desert bloom. The United States of America will continue to remember that many who toiled here found their final rest while engaged in the building of this dam. The United States of America will continue to remember the services of all who labored to clothe with substance the plans of those who first visioned the building of this dam.” 2

Although a memorial plaque at the Hoover Dam sets the number of workers killed during its construction at ninety-six, the real figure was nearly double.3

You can acces the whole artice/paper from  the "In & Around BC" tab.

Remember those dust devils at dry lake. .. Here is interesting article and video.

click on this link

This is a good website for BC info.

Some 1st for BC

From  Boulder City Journal of March 11, 1932 (BC 1st Anniv.) 

  Newspaper from the Marvin Mayes Collection.

Boulder City Now Has An Official Flower

Hollyhock - Official Flower of Boulder City, NV

Yep! Boulder City, Nevada now has its own flower — it’s officially called the “Boulder City 31ers Heirloom Hollyhock” and it’s a pretty one, too!

The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, with support from the 31ers and the Historic Preservation Committee, requested that the City adopt the hollyhock as the official flower for Boulder City in Resolution 5914, which was unanimously passed at the May 8th, 2012 City Council Meeting.

Below is an excerpt from the Museum’s official letter that gives a little history about the hollyhock plant and why it’s a recognizable piece of Boulder City history.

And if you would like to purchase seed packets of the Boulder City 31ers Heirloom Hollyhock, you can do that at the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum (located in the Boulder Dam Hotel at 1305 Arizona St.) for $5 per packet!

And a big thanks to Patty Sullivan for the great photos below of our new official flower…check out the whole plant image below!

Hollyhock in Boulder City, NevadaIla Clements-Davey and Laura Smith are two women who grew up in early Boulder City during the 1930s. Their father, Tom Godbey, was a Hoover Dam construction worker who built the first privately owned home on Avenue L. Taken from the oral histories of these women is a story about the first hollyhock seeds brought to Boulder City by their neighbor, Grandma Pickett. In the spring of 1932, the first hollyhock plants grew from little sprouts to tall, blossoming plants at Grandma Pickett’s house. The hollyhocks provided protection for the children playing outside in the hot desert sun. Laura Smith specifically remembers the effect the plants had on her as a small child, “As a little one I thought that was my best friend in all the world,” she said, “because it was shade.” Grandma Pickett shared her seeds with her neighbors, and shortly many homes on Avenue L had their very own hollyhocks on display.

Throughout the decades, the seeds from those first Boulder City hollyhock plants have been passed down through the generations of Boulder City families and throughout the community, as they can be seen blooming all throughout town this spring. The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum’s 31ers Educational Outreach Program also uses the hollyhock oral history as a tool to educate children about environment, agriculture, and (through the oral histories) use of primary sources as valuable research material.

Boulder Dam Hotel

There have been numerous books written about the construction of Boulder Dam (subsequently renamed Hoover Dam) but I stumbled onto one very simple book about it.  This Zane Grey novel, Boulder Dam, published in 1963, years after Grey died.  In it, Grey's hero, Biff, works at eleven different jobs on the construction site.  I recommend it just for a view of construction work and Boulder City in the 1930s.

And a lot of pictures have been taken of the dam and of its construction.  If you see a picture of workers toiling away on Boulder Dam, there's a pretty good chance that it was taken by Ben Glaha who was hired to document the project.  Glaha was a very talented and artistic photographer and a book of his work at the dam was published in 1999 by Santa Barbara art professor, Barbara Vilander.

About four years ago, we were passing through the desert Southwest again, and happened upon the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City.  Well, that's not quite accurate.  Linda's sister lives in Boulder City and she knew that this was they kind of hotel that we would love.  It's on the National Register of Historic Places and has an elegant lobby with lots of historic photos.  She was right.  This was our room.

Notice that picture on the wall?  It is the Boulder Dam Hotel at an earlier date.  I went out and took a current picture for comparison.
BoulderCity-1-1 BoulderCity-3

 Now, last January, we were browsing through an antique mall in the Pensacola, Florida, area and I came upon issue number two of U.S. Camera from January, 1939.  Inside is a feature article on Boulder Dam by Ben Glaha.  It has a couple of Glaha's well-known pictures but also has this one titled simply, "Dan."

I sent the magazine along to sister-in-law Cindy who promptly told me that there is a statue of Dan in Boulder City.  Well, I missed it when we were there.  But just a few blocks from the Boulder Dam Hotel, there is indeed a statue of Dan by sculptor, Steven Liguori.  He has taken a bit of liberty with the name but that's Dan, don't you think?
BoulderCity-4 BoulderCity-5

Frank & Ernest


There are a couple of 1950 Football Programs of the Golden Eagles in the "Reunion Photos" section.  They were provided by Richard Workman '62, he said his mom and dad saved everything.