Wood's Watercolors 1930s

The Boulder Dam Series: 11 Paintings by Stanley Wood
Stanley Wood's Boulder Dam Series is high on the GSA's most-wanted list of missing New Deal artwork. Created under the Public Works of Art Project (1933-1934), the 11 watercolors chronicle the building of the Boulder Dam (renamed Hoover Dam in 1947.) The GSA is currently in possession of two of the paintings from the series, but the rest have not been documented since 1934, when photos of the paintings were featured in the May issue of Fortune magazine. (The paintings in The Boulder Dam Series were never named by the artist himself, but they were given descriptive captions in Fortune, which we've reproduced here.)

Downstream Face, The Boulder Dam Series
Watercolor, Stanley Wood.

Here are copies of the pages from the 1937 article in Fortune magazine.

Go to this link for a short video on the subject of the missing watercolors.