Reunion Committees

Although the annual Multi-Class Reunion held each October in Boulder City  have sputtered out, for now, since the 2017 event, this web-site will continue to remain open.   Individual or a group of classes are encouraged  to post their separate events each year on this site.  This will benefit each class in making their arrangements for facilities and dates by coordinating with other classes wanting to schedule similar events. BCHS alumni and each class can post individual class reunion information  by sending a note in the Message Center.  Each member can upload  photos.  If you have trouble  contact your  class representatives listed below  through the Message Center or by contacting them through their listed phone or email.  For Inquiries about adding announcements or items for the home page info, , contact Jim Widner, 

BCHS 42-67  committees:

  • All Classes Reunion/ ?  looking for volunteers  .. 
  • Banking committee: Jim Widner '58, Lail Leonard '59,  Denny Mayes '62, Joan Jenne Rogers '58
  • Website Maint. Committee: Jim Widner '58,  , Open for Volunteers
  • Donation Review Committee: Sandy Hamdorf Christenson '59, Denny Mayes '62, Lavonne Brown Estes '58.
  • Maintain "In Memory" tab of website:  Jim Widner '58, Shirley Olson Bradly '58
  • Committees are open to all alumni, just send a note of interest!.  You can use the "Contact Us" tab to email us.


Here is a list of contacts, for most years,  you can contact them  for BCHS info or help .    

1954:  Tom Lopas, 702-293-7090,

1955:  Carl Friedrichs, 702-568-1195,

1956:  Roy Atkin, 760-729-5326,

1957:  Susan Stice McIntyre, 702-293-3922,

1958:  Jim Widner, 949-439-5896, (Website Administrator)

1959:  Lail Leonard, 702-384-8650,

1959:  Sandy Hamdorf Christiansen, 702-293-3430,

1960:  Mike Berry, 702-539-6774, 


1962:  Bruce Anderson, 702-523-6484,

1963:  Ron Davis, 702-646-6273,

1964:  Greg Langley, 702-236-0021,

1964:  Vicki Smith Parker,   702-755-2127,

1965:  Sharon Raynor Resler, 208-585-2011,


1966:  Shirl Naegle, 702-358-8972,

1967:  Peggy Williams Eastman, 760-224-2240,