Alumni Profiles (1951)

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     In Memory: 23
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 16
     Military Service: 5
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Jack Adams    
Constance (Connie) Balgoyen
Edmond Baroch
Arlene Black (Valdez)
Bill Briggs   
Paul Burt   
Ernest Carl
Carol Coggins (Hilliard)   
Shirley Cooke (Alexander)   
Richard Curry  
Carol Dutter (Wheeler)   
Mahlon Edwards   
Barbara Elliott (Coburn)  
Mary Louise Fenn (King)
John Fiscus  
Arther Giddens
Leonard Gilmore    
Alice Godbey (Koontz)  
Chuck Greenwood    
Bernice Grows (Boone)
Ila Hallford
Robert Holmes   
Harry Homme   
Bonny Iglesias
Donal Jolley   
Bob Jonasen  
Fred Kimball
Joe Kine   
Pete MacKay   
Mary Lou Moses (Kloss)   
Marthelle Mott (Decker)
Marilyn Nellis (Linderman)   
Richard Ousley    
Pat Patterson (Sherman)
Elaine Pymm (Long)   
Bill Quinn   
Pat Reid
Ann Rowley (Pearce)  
Sue Sheppard (Gilmore)   
Nancy Steeves (Greenwood)  
Phillip Stout
Florence Tobler (Reynolds)
Duane Urban  
Lealon Watts  
Carl Wegren    
Barry Whalen
Norma Wood (Webb)   

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