Alumni Profiles (1949)

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     In Memory: 30
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     Military Service: 4
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Phyllis Adams
Glen Austin
Bobbie Bennett (Patrick)
Carol Burt
Dave Burt  
Legrand Bywater  
Maud-Kathrin Carl (Crowell)  
Dale Chesley  
Bert Coe  
Mary Coggins (Pratt)  
Ben Crowell  
Leonard Davis
Don Deane   
Donna Delfs
Alice Dodge (Brumage)    
Doreen Dutton (Scharlach)   
Forrest Gault  
Dwight Gilger  
Ila Godbey (Davey)
Winegene Grau (Sweet)  
Jim Hooper  
Clark Isom  
Mary Koster (Sheehan)
David Leadbetter   
Connie Lee (Eccles)
Ron Lemmon   
Ted Littler   
Al Lynch    
Robert Lyons    
Katherine Manning   
Glenn Miller  
Lenita Mobley (Potter)  
Betty Jo Moses (Isom)  
Glen Nazer  
Bob Nellis   
Loeta Nick (Dean)   
Arthur Patton  
Wes Pymm    
Herb Quinn   
Midred Smee (Smith)   
Marie Stewart (Swartz)
Marion Stewart (Jones)   
Lorelle Stocks (Burt)  
Dorothy Voss (Helms)   
Jim Welsh    

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