Alumni Profiles (1948)

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     Military Service: 1
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Howard Adams
Mary Ann Baroch (Bement)  
Bob Berg
Jeneal Black (Leavitt)  
Don Cameron  
Marian Campbell (Kent)  
Sydney Carpenter (Miller-Cooke)   
Charles Clark   
Theda Conner
John Connolly    
Jessies Cooper (Stubbs)  
Doreen Cowden (Cupemall)  
Anne Deane (Miller)  
LaPriel Englestead (Linford)
Katherine Fuller (Smith)   
Duane Gilger
Beverly Greenwood (Mathis)   
Gloria Hann    
Jeanne Heddens (Sidor)
Anne Helms (Eder)   
Irene Hidden (Windsor)
Donna Holberg   
Carl Homme   
Shirley Jeffrey (Isom)   
Celia Jones (Lamborn)
Fred Kiehn   
Gloria Lee (Cameron)
Otto Littler   
Gene MacDonald (Brockett)   
Daune MacKay (Turner)   
Louise Nicholson (Voelker)   
Dal Peterson  
Barbara Russell (Curry)   
Stan Schilberg  
Warren Shelton
Eleanor Stead (Fleck)  
Elspeth Watts (Haines)   
Bob Webb   
Don Whalen  
Boyd Wheelwright  
Wayne Wilhelm   
James Wilson

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