Alumni Profiles (1946)

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     In Memory: 36
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 25
     Military Service: 4
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Elaine Abercrombie (Horton)   
Bruce Averett
Carol Ayers
Fern Baugh
Eleanor Brann (Barnes)  
Beverly Brown (Stay)   
Dolores Cain (Strong)   
Velda Chesley (Rusch)   
Bill Cooke    
Phyllis Cowan (Gabriel)  
Charles Curry   
James Davis   
Madeline de Rocco
Nadine Denning (King)
Mary Doudna   
Leo Dunbar    
Pat Emery  
Evelyn Empey (Turner)  
Lucille Englestead (Nyberg)  
Thelma Englestead (Stratton)  
Betty Ferguson (Breisch)  
Pat Galster (Braun)  
Laura Godbey (Smith)   
Viola Holtry (Adsit)  
Frank Johnson  
Venus Jolley (Marraige)   
Don King  
Dwayne Laughery   
Lyn Laughery (Mobley)   
Maida Lee (Bradshaw)   
Luana L. Linck (Shamo)   
Bill Littler  
Cloe Lomas (Sween)   
Jim MacCornack   
Russell Manning    
Liz Mayer
Betty Miller   
Jim Minish  
Thomas Mobley  
Phyllis Neilsen (Marcantonio)
Beverly Nellis (Fitch)   
Shearl Nielson   
Joe Palmer    
Carol Patterson (Vukovich)
Mary Rants (Stout)   
Claire Russell (Hurley)   
Ruth Stead (Bloomer)   
Donna Stewart (Crump)   
Nate Stout  
Morgan Sweeney   
Charles Sylvester  
T. J. Vinson
Ronald Walsh   
Ardeen Wood (Sears)   
Jerry Wyness  

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