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I plan to add a pic a week or so to the main page of our website , then transfer them to his collection.  Hope you enjoy them.   Jim W.

BCHS Sports History  ..    Here is a picture of the BCHS basketball warmup jacket from the late 40s and early 50s.  I have stored it and moved it with me for 64  years.  I am returning it back to BCHS and the Athlectic Director has agreed to find a good place for it in the  gym. I added the pictures here that are framed with the jacket , I found them online  in the 51 and 52 annuals.  Some of those team members, in the pics,  still attend our reunions.   Jim W.

























9/20/13 Elbert Edwards picking figs ..  St. Thomas

Here is a pic I saw on facebook yesterday , I knew you would like.     Elbert Edwards picking figs in St. Thomas, while Lake Mead was filling up around his feet ..   must be 1938+-    Mr. Edwards went on to become Superintendent of BCHS.  His extensive photo collection, of Boulder City and So Nevada,  was donated to the UNLV library and is accessible on-line.

9/26/13    Time for swim lessons.

10/1/2013   new Jr./ Sr. High School  in 1949

Before they moved a Camp Williston barracks to make Polka Dot Haven!

10/8/2013  ...  The first graduating class (1942) of Boulder City High School ..

several '42 grads are active on this website!

10/16/2013  ...  How could Boulder City let developers do this to our "B" Hill ?

10/24/13    The Boulder Bowl is going to close for good tomorrow .. that was the headline in the BC paper in May, 2011.

The city's only bowling alley was built in 1947 and was a source of fun and employment to a whole bunch of us BC Alumni. How many remember setting pins along side Kieth Pymm. But, one of your fellow alumni stepped in saying “ Kids and adults need this landmark saved “ . He bought the building, completely remodeled it, and re-negotiated the lease so the operator would continue.

Some of us stopped there after the reunion and it looks great, it almost looks like an extension of the museum with the great murals on the walls depicting the building of the Dam.

Thank You Pepper Coombes for being such a loyal, sentimental Boulder City Kid.

Mural out front. (Jessica and Pepper + Pepper)

One of the Murals added to the inside Alley Wall.

10/26/13  ..  My how things have changed  in our values and knowledge since Boulder Dam was being built.


11/15/2013 ..  Boulder City Fire Dept.  cools off the kids in 1934 movie

(made available by Boulder Dam Museum).  The movie shows the Fire Dept at work on some of the old dorms and cooling off the kids, behind the theatre,  and some kind of parade near Grace Church, we think  penny throwing.  To view the video just click on this link:

12/2/2013   Armistice Day Parade -1939

  Movie was Stanley & Livingstone, staring Spencer Tracey.

12/9/2013  Old enough to remember this snow storm ?  

January 1949 we think.  1st Pic taken looking toward park about where Shell eventually was built.  This week's weather makes these pics more memorable.

1/5/2014  BC Cemetery Dedication in 1950+-

built by the Elks Club.  Chet Widner (Elks) and Tom Godbey (Cemetery Committee) shaking hands.  ..  can you help with any other of the names?

1/25/14  Library Club 1951 

Kind of a neat pic of a simpler time. (many kids were regognized and named and we got more input from others)

2/5/14  .. Free Beer if the Sun does not Shine !  .. The Tavern in 1951 (it was owned then by the father of 2 of our alumni, he is on the right holding the sign)

3/2/2014 -  BC  in 1942-43+-.  This pic has lots of interesting items,  BC's 1st golf course with dirt fairways (top/left), Camp Williston buildings, B Hill before the B, before the BC cemetery, the original Catholic and Mormon churches.


  A  B-29 Superfortress bomber  crashed into the lake in 1948 after testing a prototype missile guidance system known as a "suntracker." The B-29 is in extraordinary condition and the fact that it is submerged in cold, fresh water will hopefully ensure this excellent state of preservation long into the future.    To read more go to this link.:


4/18/2014   Who remembers when Community Chevrolet was in BC ?  Better yet who remembers when gas was 31.9 cents a gallon.  

5/18/14  This pic was a  priceless gift by Louise Smee. She brought it to our SoCal party yesterday.  We think is from 1954 summer baseball.  We spotted most of the names , please proof read and add any names missing or wrong.  Thanks jw     Pic is from the SoCal get together,  that was graciously hosted by Marvin Mayes ('60) at his home in San Juan Capistrano, are in "Photo Galleries" tab  "Reunions" tab,  "BCHS SoCal 2014" tab

5/31/2014   Pics and info from Bret Runion Class of 1985 on Facebook.

Today, about 30 kids from Boulder City High School, white-washed our hillside "BC". I really enjoyed being involved with this project, since I had the opportunity to help put the "B" up there, back in 1985, after a house was built on "B-Hill" that covered the original "B".

6/10/2014   BCHS in 1960  ...  my how the dress codes (norms) have changed.  Did those skirts come from Maryemma's  ?

Happy 4th of July

Here are some pics from the BC Damboree celebrations in 1953 borrowed from the Boulder City Musuem webpage ..  you can see at their great website at

1943 ..  Civil Defense, volunteer firemen

7/9/14  -  Easter Egg Hunt at Gov't Park 1952  sponsored by Boulder Theatre    ..  starring Mary Jane Carter Smith, Class of '43 in the bunny suit with her kids.

7/2/14  Boulder City Theatre in 1956-57.  David Shay, Kathleen Warner, John Bromley, Peggy Wood.  Notice the prices, 50 cents for adults, 20 cents for kids.  As a benchmark the cost of gas was 30 cents a gallon.  So you get 1.67 gallons of gas for a movie ticket, today the gas would cost $6.70 but, a movie ticket costs $11  ...   so gas is a lot cheaper that movies nowdays.

7/24/14  One of our earliest BCHS grads is Mary Jane Carter Richey Smith, class of '43.  She is one of the few from the early classes who still attends the reunions.   Last year she gave a great talk about the beginnings of BCHS (see below for video).  She has a rich, colorful family history tied to BC.   Her father was a highscaler, they moved to Ragtown in 1931, her mom was active in business and charity groups in BC and started the first newspaper in BC.  Her dad was killed in an accident at the Dam in 1934,  her mom passed away unexpectely in 1946.  I recently found a pic of her mom from a 1939 parade, on the UNLV website.  Mary Jane had a pic of her dad.  That lead to this picture of Mary Jane and her parents.    Mary Jane plans to attend the reunion this year, be sure and greet and meet her, you will be glad you did.        Jim

8/16/2014   Here is a great pic from about 1939+- of the American Legion Post 31 Auxiliary Juniors.  Many of those named are listed amoung the BCHS grads on our website:  Those I found are: Elaine Abercrombie* '46, Cloe Lomas '46, Ella Boyce '44, Gene Dunbar (school secratary 45-47), Bonnie Buck* '42, Mary Jane Carter '43, Deloris Brown '42, Ida Boyce '43, Lola Dunbar '43.  Can anyone add some more background to this historical pic.    jw

8/21/2014      Boy what a find I had this week ..  The program from the 1976 Damboree.  Here is a great extract of the Damboree Queens and it reads like a who is who of BCHS ...  hope you enjoy.     jw

Great and cute story send to us from Flo Daun Atkin MacKay class of '52 , after she saw this Pic of the Week. 

THE DAMBOREE QUEENS  ...  In the school year of 1945-46, the committee for the Damboree celebration had what they thought was a spectacular idea. Since all the girls in Boulder City High were lovely, it really wouldn’t matter which one was chosen to be queen—they all would represent Boulder City with grace. The committee could use some free advertisement and some additional funds. They presented their idea to the high school and it was accepted with enthusiasm. High school students would sell tickets at $1.00 a piece. The girls could sell tickets, and the guys could sell tickets in a girl’s name. The idea was that a ticket represented a “vote” so the girl who had the most “votes” or the most ticket sales would be the queen.

The idea caught on so well the committee decided to present it to the Junior High, and even to the 5th and 6th graders who at the time were attending school clear across town in temporary buildings on the barren lot on Nevada Highway across from the Bureau of Reclamation buildings.

The day came to turn in the tickets. It was a day of great expectation. Who had sold the most tickets? A lowly 6th grade girl. The committee counted the tickets again, but the outcome was the same. What on earth could they do! A 6th grade girl didn’t have the poise to be a queen! But the committee had set the rules. So that year I was the Damboree Queen. I received the crown of silver sprayed oak tag stuffed with a conglomeration of flowers. I sat in a chair in front of the audience at the kick off event held on the lawn next to the tennis courts. And it was the first and last time the queen was selected by ticket sales. A few years later (49) my friend, the gorgeous Barbara Jean Nelson was the queen, the next (50) my delightful and energetic friend, Florence Tobler, and the next year (51) my close friend in my own grade, Carolyn Cowan.

Best wishes for a wonderful reunion of queens.    Floy Daun  8/26/2014

9/27/2014  BC Braves  1953   Pic complements of Louise Smee Newton cleaning out old stuff.  BC Braves 1953  - resler, hodgkin, cline, coach?,  donnelly, tract, ?, patton, ?, smee, roper, resley, cunningham.

9/2/2014    From the Freshman Frolic Can Can  in 1953-54.   Thanks to Barbara Kelly for the pic.  What Fun!

Judy Bilderback, Sharon Kenny, Donna Fenton, Louise Smee, Barbara Kelly, Susan Stice.   Class of '57

10/25/14  A tour of Pepper Coombes (Class of 60)  vintage 50s car collection during reunion.

It does Snow in BC

2/21/15  BC makes Sunset Mag.

to see full article  click on this link:

1/19/15  You will like this video if you love 50-60s music and dancing and cars !!



Godbey Sisters recall growing up in Boulder City in the '30s


See Article at:

6/7/15  Boy Scouts in Arizona 1955-57 ..  photo credit  Belknap Collection @ NAU

5/17/15  -   Brownie campout at Mt. Charleston  1950+-

Back row: Pearl Kimball, Mary Ann ?, Cora ?

Front row: Peggy alexander, Bernice Kimball, Sandra ?, Lalonie Greenwood, ?, Silvia Wood, Virgina Wilson, Louise Smee, Virginia Lewis, Barbara Kelly.    If you know missing names or any mistakes, let us know.

8/2/15   Remember going to the Lake for swimming lessons ..  long before there was a pool in BC.

9/1/15  Some old timers at Bootleg Canyon  .. 

thanks to Jeannie Shipp for this pic.

9/12/15  Lifeguard at Boulder Beach

Rae Kenney (Kine)  Class of 1953  ..  Anyone know about her current status, location, etc.?


8/20/15   BCHS students Help out with 2014 reunion planning, registration and decorations.  What neat kids!



8/2/15  Remembering some of the BC businesses from the 40s & 50s .  (Snackateria, BC Furnituire, Sweet Shop, Central Market, Bus Station, Bowmers, Fire Station, Laundry, Hotel, The Club, Chicken Shack, Travern, Dossetts, Drive In, Maryemmas, Manix.)

See larger version at :

12/3/15  -  Early pic of BC .. looks like the priorities were houses & TAVERN, then we will work on school, hotel, theater, stores, paving .   Thanks to Mack Newbanks ;65 for the pic - jw

11/10/15 -  Birthday Party in 1950+-  at Ruth Ann's home on Denver. 

Thanks to Ruth Ann Baggley Bennett for this and several more pics from her youth.

10/23/15 - Winner of the earliest BCHS grad who graces our reunions ..  Mary Jane Carter Richey Smith (Class of 1943) , and she always brings some family along.   She comes all the way from Oregon, stays several days and we have LOTS of kids who live in BC and LV who don't bother to show up.

10/8/15   B HILL   ..  How could this happen ?

The posting of the following article is spurred  by the recent death of one of our alumni from the class of 1943 Jane Webb Crum. Her father built the Hotel in 1933.   See her obit in the "memory " tab.

The Boulder Dam Hotel to mark its 80th birthday

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Boulder Dam Hotel opened its doors with a two-day celebration on Dec. 15 – 16, 1933. The Colonial Revival hostelry is located at 1305 Arizona St. in Boulder City, near the town’s business district.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, the Boulder Dam Hotel is of great significance because it not only dates back to the earliest years of the community, but it also was a leader in the tourism industry in the Southwest until the early 1940s.

Boulder Dam Dotel in 2012

The frontage of the Boulder Dam Hotel in 2012. Photo by Laura Hutton.

The first visitors were attracted to the area by the building of Hoover Dam. The greatest civil engineering endeavor undertaken by the U.S. government since the Panama Canal, it literally put Boulder City on the map. Construction on Hoover Dam began in 1931, and at the same time the Bureau of Reclamation spent approximately $2 million to develop the town about 7 miles from the main work site.

W.F. Grey recognized the dam was a project that would draw countless visitors, so he applied for a permit to build a hotel in Boulder City in 1932. Paul Stewart “Jim” Webb broke ground for it on Sept. 1, 1933, and the Boulder Dam Hotel debuted just a few months later.

“The hotel was really the luxury, classy, ‘it’ place to stay during construction of the dam,” said Laura Hutton, manager of the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, which is situated within the H-shaped configuration of the Boulder Dam Hotel.

In its early years, the hotel was an exclusive escape for many famous people. It hosted political leaders of the time, like Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes and Republican Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, as well as European royalty, including Loelia Lindsay, the Duchess of Westminster, and Crown Prince Olav and Princess Märtha of Norway. Movie stars Boris Karloff, Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda and Will Rogers were also welcomed here. Bette Davis popped in following the filming for “Of Human Bondage,” and Howard Hughes actually recuperated at the hotel in 1943 after crashing his airplane in Lake Mead.

The 80th anniversary of the Boulder Dam Hotel is being observed on Saturday, Dec. 14. The day’s focal event will be the 38th annual Home Tour, beginning and ending in the lobby.

A photo of the Boulder Dam Hotel (1936)

A photo of the Boulder Dam Hotel taken in April of 1936.

Great Page from the 1945 Aquila, the origin of BC Alma Mater.

Thanks to Cathy Gibbons (TX) for donating her mothers BC stuff for our use.  Her mother , Dolores Cain Storng, was in the class of '46.  Cathy donated her 1940 Pebbles and her  1943,44,45,& 46 Aquilas.         jw


Class of 1946  Lines out B Hill  ..   see that geometry class pays off.

Here is a great article about the history of the BC Airport 

Go to this link to read:

New book about Boulder City

Read more and view movie  at :

Great story about Ranger Perlie Morris  ..  wild west kind of lawman.

10/6/2016   ...   Ground Breaking  at new BCHS  - 1949

See anyone you know?


What fun pictures ..  here is Alvin Alexander , class of 50 when he was on the State Champion relay team and at the last reunion  ..   He and Shirley are regular old timers attending the reunions.  far left & far right.

Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada), Monday, May 16, 1949,  despite the slow track and rain, ... Jukich i 880 -YARD RELAY Won by Boulder City (Joe Kine. Alvin -Alexander, John Shipp, Dick Swift), time 1:37; second, Elko, 137.5; third, Yerington, ...

 Alvin Alexander '50, Dick Swift '50, Joe Kine '51, John Shipp '50   //   Shirley Cooke Alexander '51, Looney R, Nancy Oldfield Fields '59, Fred Holland '43, Mary Jane Carter Smith '43, Alvin Alexander '50.


Can you help  with this story??

Here is a pic from 1951 .. I think from the CIF  playoff with & in  Paso Robles, Ca.  Yes that says Ty Cobb, that TY COBB.   I tried to track down Chuck Greenwood but, he has moved and left no address.   Does anyone remember this event, if so please send a message that I will add to this pic.   Jim W.   p.s. Tom Lopas '54  has found Chuck Greenwood's new address and will write to him  ..  thanks Tom for your interest and help.     PS 12/27  didn't find out any more about the Story  but, I did get some nice input and notes from Jack Carpenter '52, Kay Eaton Hettinger '52, Mahlon Edwards '51, Tom Lopas '54, Roy Atkin '56  ..   thanks

Winged Figures of the Republic

Here is a great article about A Norwegian-born sculptor that created these soaring guardian angels at the entrance to Boulder Dam ...​


**  One of the Last Wild West Lawman ..  how many remember Perlie Morris ? .. ​I ran across some old pics of him and made this collage!  jw One of the more interesting referrence is when he shot at the tires in front of New China Cafe ..  they don't even do that now days on TV dramas.

BC Generations: Legacies of high scaler, raft trip founder celebrated on ride down river 

  ..   Here is a great article (from Boulder City Review) about  BC pioneer families  and BCHS alumni , Dorthy Kine Rants, Dean Kine, Willard Julian  and  Jim Bob Rowland and his daughter Jill.   Article by  boat pilot  Kathleen Wood.​

* Here is a great picture of 4 generations of BCHS grads in the Broadbent/Swarts  family, starting with Sue Swarts, class of 1952. I graduated from Boulder City High School in 1952. This a picture of my family. There are 16 BCHS graduates in this photo and at least 8 future graduates. Next year (Class of 2018) my great-grandson will graduate from BCHS, making 4 generations of graduates! I am grateful to BCHS for all it has done for my family :)

BCHS Sports History  ..    Here is a picture of the BCHS basketball warmup jacket from the late 40s and early 50s.  I have stored it and moved it with me for 64  years.  I am returning it back to BCHS and the Athlectic Director has agreed to find a good place for it in the  gym. I added the pictures here that are framed with the jacket , I found them online  in the 51 and 52 annuals.  Some of those team members, in the pics,  still attend our reunions.   Jim W.

Here is a pic from the 2016 Reunion , when one of the prizes was a hand made picture frame crafted from the retired floor of the BCHS Gym.  Even though Jim won it , he gave it to David Shay, Class of 60, who played BB at BCHS , then went on to coach there for 20+ years.

Pepper Coombes  awards frame  ...  Jim Widner and David Shay  in 1958 @, Bhill  and 2010 Reunion.


By Celia Shortt Goodyear Boulder City Review     jw

Several pieces of Boulder City High School’s old building have been given a new life.

When it was being torn down about 2½ years ago, then-yearbook teacher Canaan Petersen noticed some items, including windows, doors and theater seats, that were going to be thrown out.

“My heart was broken when the old school was torn down,” he said. “I felt compelled to save something for alumni, future alumni and those who consider it home.”  The moving force for this project was Kirk Estes.

July 11, 2018 - 4:16 pm  See the full article  at this Link:                                   


p.s.  There is another touch of BCHS history to this story.  Kirk Estes is the son of BCHS, Class of 58 grad Lavonne Brown Estes.  She went on to become an elementry school teacher in BC  for decades. Yes decades.   j.w.