Early Class Pics 1951-1960



Class of 51

Class of 1952

Kay Eaton Hettinger  assures me this pic is from class of 52 from a Valentine Party.  She will work on the names.

  L/R ..


'52  4th grade Christmas in old BCHS gym   pic from Kay Eaton 

Class of '53

Photos provided by Jeannie Shipp Dawson

Class pic at BC school ..  1952 

Mini reunion of the Class of 1952  in  2020

Class of 1953

Sunflower Troop in 1948 ..  sending care packages.

Helen Miller, Patty Bellor, ?, Shirey Likens, Gail Merrill, ? , Jeanette Flack, Maureen Sullivan,  Pat Scwartz, Barbara Hewes, Nancy Hamilton.


Class of 54



Class of 55

Back Row: ??, ??, Larry Hartman, Jerry Berry, ??, Joan Tobler, ??, Joanne Hudlow
Third Row: ??, David Anderson, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Diane Towne, Gail Schyler
2nd Row: Howard Knighten, ??, Mike Merrill, Glenda Burt, ??, Roy Jensen, ??, ??
1st Row: ??, Richard Willoughby, Roger Trausdale, Berkley Petersen, ??, John Barlow, Maxine Mansor   ..  if you know some ot the others, you can message me on website.  jim Widner

3rd Grade  is the vote by Mike Merrill and Rich. Willoughby.


6th Grade

Edith Widner, Gail Schylur, pat turner, polly cunningham, donna colgan, glenda burt, barbara brown, sally wegren, joann hudlow

class of 55  Math Club

Here is a pic from a 1955 class booklet on their 30th reunion ..  provided by Ruth Ann Baggley

1955 10 yr Reunion ..  below

Class of "56

5th grade?

class of 56 in 1947-48?


'56  in 2006


  Class 56, 57, 58 and more 


Here a bunch of pictures .. most taken in 1955 but, covering  several classes ..  This email is being sent to the classes of  55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60..   You can see more pictures on the BCHS website  from tab "Photo Galleries "  then tab "Class pics 51-60".

Thank you to  David Stanley '58  

for sending them along. ..  He moved to Carson City in 1956 but, remains a key part of BCHS.

Here is picture of David Stanley and Jim Widner, lifelong friends ..  taken from the same stairway 56 years apart  ..  1952 and 2008 at our 520th Reunion.



BC Braves 1953  - Loenard  Resler, David  Hodgkin, Jerry Cline, Larry Renslow, Vince Donnelly, Kenny Tract, ? , Charlie Patton,  ? , Charlie Smee, Rich Roper, Steve Resley, Dick Cunningham.

Rainbow Girls 1955

Front row seated on floor, 6 girls sitting closes to camera - in curved line - (from left to right in all rows):
Unk, Unk, Unk, Unk, Kayann Roland, Unk
Second row on floor - jagged line with 7 girls: Unk, Judy Bilderback, Unk, Loretta?, Unk, ??Stice, Louise Smee
Third row seated - Georgia Julian, Barbara Bates, Marilyn Donnelly, Shirley Bradley, ??Richardson?, Jeanette Kuehn, Floria Leone, Pat Manus, and Pat Robison.
Last row standing: Darlene Middleton, Unk, Unk, Nevada Raney, Joan Whittington, Diane Earl, Unk (she married Jack Wong), adult lady is also unknown.        per Shirley Olson   Help with other invited.  jw


Class of '57

2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th Grade


6th Grade


Brownie Camp



Class of '58

2nd grade   ..  thanks to Karen Rosenbaum for this pic and lots of shared memories.

Basement classroom at Elem. School  ..  1958  1st grade


5th Grade ..

Here, according to my wonderful historian mother, are the names of every person here, in Mrs. Lena English's 5th grade class (1950-51):    (note from Karen Rosenbaum BC schools thru 6th grade)

Back row: Byron Wallace, Michael Phinney, Bobby Carter, Helen Danser, Karen Rosenbaum, Annette Peterson, Linda Frook, Sandra Buzick, Georgia Julian, Jane Hoppe, Eddie Uehling

2nd row: Curtis Sharp, Mitchell Brown, Wayne Stubbs, Rita Piro, Priscilla Pendelbury, Joan LeBorgne, Nevada Raney, Linda Stubbs, Linda Burgeson, David Turner

Front row: Sonny Woods, David Stanley, Bobby Werner, Dennis Hewes, Melville Raines, Charles Smee, Jimmy Widner


Birthday party  Joan W. and Charlie S.  1955

Birthday Party at  Boulder Beach  ..  Class members of '58

Cheer for Darleen M., Carol H. , Sherry S.






1958 - Going away party for Karen Rosenbaum ..  6th grade  (she must have taken pic)  buthch sharp, byron wallace, jimmy widner, scott wood, ?, wayne stubbs, joan hoppe, georgia julian, jane hoppe, nevada rainey, susan keeley, linda burgeson, mrs. french    ...  Thank you Karen for sending the picture. 



10th Reunion (1968)

JV football  .. 1954 or 1955




Class of 1959  pics 

provided by Margaret Willoughby  and UNLV/Edwards collection.  See listing of names below.

2   6th grade

1  5th grade

4 4th grade

5 3rd grade

3 2nd grade

1st Grade

6   Kindergarden

#7  from UNLV/Edwards & Manis  collections .. grade / names  ?  unknown

The first row:  ?,?,?,? LaVonne Brown, ?, Judy Lee Higgins. Second row:  Mrs. Johnson, ?,?,?,?, Kenny Fredrickson, ?, Laurel Jeanne Bates, maybe David Fenton. Back Row:  Patty Davis (think that is the name), ?, Tommy (I don’t remember his last name),?, Roger Dieleman (I think), ?,?, Vicki Shurtleff, Janis Francis. (from LaVonne)

Class of 1960.