Class Reunion Announcements

2021 Reunions:  

Well it seems like  there is plenty of interest  in having another Southern Cal  BCHS get together, for those who graduated from 1942 thru 1967.     Save Saturday, July 10th, 2021,   starting at 11am and going until you are tired of BC stories.  

Marvin Mayes has again graciously  volunteered to host it at his  home at 31322 Paseo Naranja in San Juan Capistrano, CA  (see Map below)  Lunch and drinks (soda & beer) will be provided,  bring your own wine or other choices.  And be sure and bring your old photos and Boulder City memories.

The SoCal  reunion hosted for several years each spring by Marvin Mayes  '60 and Jim Widner '58 was not held in 2020 due to the virus.  Look forward to renewing in 2021.   Lots of BCHS  alumni from SoCal attend and a few from Nevada and other areas.  All are welcome..       


Class of 1964 is planning a reunion for their class  .. 

contact is Vickie Smith (Parker) 


2020 Reunions


  • Class of 1960 - 60th reunion scrapped this year due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.  Classmates are encouraged to keep in touch with the Message Center and Chat features on this site! 


  • Class of 1965 - 55th Reunion.   Dearest Friends. We have decided to postpone our 55th Reunion due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. We're renaming our Reunion the "55th Plus Reunion" and the date we'll be shooting for is October 2020. If the Corona Virus is still a threat at this time, a new date will be selected. You can email me at or call me at 480-229-2767. All calls will be returned. Stay well & stay safe. Nell

  • We got NO Boulder City  volunteers to help with the All Classes (1942 thru 1967) Reunions in  2018, 2019 or 2020  ,  Maybe next year we will entice some locals to help?  We did get offers of help:   one from Washington state and  one from an early alumni in Henderson ..  but  both offered help with side roles,  not   offers to step  in  for  the big jobs.  Hope some proud BCHS Alumni from BC  will step up for 2021.                                                           .                                                                         .             .                                                  .
  • Enough said about who should spearhead reunions ..  but, seems stange that of these 4 reunion announcements the alumni are from Texas, Arizona, & California   ..  none from Nevada let alone BC .


    We got NO Boulder City  volunteers to help with the  2018 , 2019 or 2020  reunions ,  maybe next year we will entice some locals to help?  We did get offers of help  one from Washington state and  one from an early alumni in Henderson ..  but  both offered help with side roles,  no   offers to step  in  for  big jobs.

    The 2017 BCHS Multi-Class Alumni Reunion was a  success in October 2017, but may have been the LAST Multi-Class event unless some interested, willing and able individuals step forward to continue this effort.  HELP is needed to sustain the Multi-Class Alumni Reunions, and this BCHS Alumni web-site .   Time is running out to make reservations, send out letters and emails, get caterer, etc.

    Sandy Hamdorf Christiansen and Lail Leonard stepped in again in 2017 to pull off a one night Reunion, they have paid their dues.  Mike Berry and Jim Widner  live out of state and it is not logical for them to carry the ball anymore.   And, So,  we need some BCHS  individuals willing to take over this long standing BCHS alumni tradition: the annual Multi-Class Alumni Reunion, monthly alumni luncheons, and add new ideas to  this web-site.  If you are willing to help and join the committee, contact us through the website ASAP.    Help us carry on the this long standing BCHS Alumni tradition!

    Some of the Committee member responsibilities include: Participating in Alumni Committee meetings for the planning of the yearly reunion and monthly alumni luncheons, if waranted ; securing venues for the two-night reunion in October; arranging catering; updating, printing and mailing the reunion announcement letters and enrollment forms, alumni directories, and name badges; processing payments and updating the web-site reunion enrollments; decorations; registration; community support efforts; special events such as golf and/or raft trips, etc.

    Simpler Plan suggestion:    

    Here is a suggestion for you and the Committee to ponder. Down scale the Reunion get together. Don't get indoor venue, don't get caterer, don't ask for any prepayment , etc. Still have it in October , so it can be outside.   INSTEAD we have a picnic (Kind of like old reunions on the 4th) Everyone would bring their own food and drinks .. someone would have to arrange a park or big backyard. We have helped the high school a lot, so maybe we could arrange one of their fields or a city park? We could have some story telling , we could still do name tags if we ask for RSVP .. we could still use the website to communicate to all 600 alumni who have an email .. the 150 or so who never signed up will just have to hear about it from a friend i.e. no mailing, which is expensive and time consuming, doesn't seem like they are too interested anyway.

    We would welcome suggestions and ideas from the six Reunion Committee members or any Alumni   For this to work, seems like we need to get one or two BC kids to spearhead the effort.   9/16/2020