Books by BCHS Alumni

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Gene Ainsworth, Class of 1954 - Saltwater Nomad  -2019

Pepper Coombes , Class of 1960  - A touch of Pepper.  new in  2019

Jan Christian , Class of 1970 ,   Leave no Brother Behind Memoir

Dorothy Ainsworth,  Class of 1960.  The House that Dorothy Built

Phyllis Nelson Barber, Class of 1961 - How I got Cultured - A Nevada Memoir, + 

Homer Olsen, Class of 1942   - Skidmarks along the Highway of Life

Karen Rosenbaum  ,  Class of 1958   Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives.  and

 Karen Rosenbaum  -     A Safe Place ,  Boulder City (you can read in Alumni Authors Tab)

Sally Denton, Class of '70 - "The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World"

Ricky Tilman, Class of 1957  -  See list

Ken Frejlach, class of 1956   Take No Memories

Ralph Magee Class of 1957  - The Woman Board and From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores.

Mable Mitchell - Beloved English teacher BCHS  -  Gloria: A Downwind Saga

Frank Shelton - Class of 1942  - He authored numerous books pertaining to nuclear weapons and genealogy.

Robert Scott  . Class of 1959 - See list below.


Gene Ainsworth wrote a book chronicling his 40 years as a deep sea diver all over the world. The title is: Saltwater Nomad, self-published in 2019. It would be great if you could post it in the list of Alumni Authors. Gene is now 85 and still going strong. Thanks! His sister, Dorothy PS: Thank you for posting my book: "The House That Dorothy Built".


Phyllis Nelson Traeger Barber, Class of 1961

New Book Info  1/14/2020

From:  Phyllis Nelson Barber
For Year:  1961

I was a student at Boulder City Elementary from 1948 until 1953, when we moved to Las Vegas. But Boulder City will always be my favorite home. My friends were Sheila Roberts, Jackie Cowan, Mary Kay Taylor, Phyllis Thomas, Billy Deem, Bobby Mitchell, Richard Stubbs, Harvey Boyce, Danny Ahlstrom, the Mayes' brothers, and more I can't remember. Forgive me! My father was Herman Nelson, who was a brother to Tommy Nelson, Mr. Boulder City. I am a writer, and my ninth book, THE DESERT BETWEEN US will be released from The University of Nevada Press in April, 2020. I thought students/friends who attended schools in Boulder City would be interested in reading this. The book is about the origination of Route 66 (originally a military route from Albuquerque to California), and much of it happens in St. Thomas--the town buried beneath the waters of Lake Mead until lately. This historical novel tells of an abolitionist, a camel, a Mojave Indian, a polygamist and his third wife.


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to me

Ai yi yi. These publishers! And just FYI, THE DESERT BETWEEN US was just nominated for the Reading the West Book Award sponsored by the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Assn. Who know if the book will win, but I'm super pleased for this recognition. 

Hope all's well, and I do love the tidbits you send from time to time. Best, Phyllis



Robert Scott

Books published:
Mobile Home Heaven-2003
Cyclops- 2005
A Scarlet Thread- 2010
Cinco Comidas:Cinco Canciones- 2015

Any Boulder City class member can receive a free copy of one or more of the above books by sending me an email:

Pepper Coombes (1960)

A Touch of Pepper"   2019   ..  A book about growing up in BC & Henderson , travels, shipping , golf, and family.

Jan Christian (1970)

I've written a book about my brother and would love to be in touch with anyone who is so inclined. The website for the book is There is a video there of my trip to Vietnam to visit the area where he died.                                          Below  from

From VN Virtual Wall
Robert M. Christian, Jr.
Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
15 May 1945 - 11 April 1969
Boulder City, Nevada
Panel 27W Line 055


Dorothy Ainsworth,  Class of 1960.

If you dream of getting back to the land but you’re economically challenged, Dorothy tells how she did it—and how you can do it too. No previous experience is required—you can learn as you go and pay as you go. All you need is the courage to get started and the perseverance to keep going. Fresh, humorous, and poignantly philosophical, The House That Dorothy Built is an inspirational narrative of one determined woman’s journey of transforming a barren piece of property into a beautiful oasis. You’ll be shocked to learn the log home that took her six years to build burned down the day after it was finished. Her incredible rebuilding story of triumph over tragedy, and her boyfriend’s super-human strength and undying love and devotion, will amaze you! Available on
Dorothy's website for more photos is


Modest recount of Homer's  step father saving a falling worker at Boulder Dam.


Karen Rosenbaum  ,  Class of 1958

The main character in five of these short stories grows up in Boulder City. This is fiction, of course, but some of it is Nevada fiction!      Also check out Karen's great Essay   "A Safe Place - BC"   , which is a sub tab in this group.


Sally Denton, Class of '70? ..  One of the most powerful unknowns: The Bechtel Corporation

Gettyimages 2636824
The Boulder Dam, then called the Hoover Dam, on the Arizona - Nevada border, 1936. - 

Although most Americans have not heard of the Bechtel Corporation, the company is responsible for several notable infrastructure projects across the United States including the Colorado River's Hoover Dam and Boston's Big Dig.

In her new book "The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World", author Sally Denton profiles five generations of men within the Bechtel family that turned the organization into one of the largest privately-held companies in the U.S.

The now multi-billion dollar company has a powerful presence across the globe and, Denton argues, outsized influence within the federal government:

I'm not as critical as I think it should be a matter of serious public policy discussion in America.  What companies are going to build these mega-projects? So if its going to be Bechtel, why shouldn't  the taxpayers have access, and why shouldn't there be some transparency about it and the taxpayers know, "Why Bechtel?" This is a privately-held company, and so the lack of transparency makes it much challenging to shine anyworld today.


Ricky Tilman, Class of 1957

  Hi Jim,
  • Writing has been my career, here's a partial list of my books, choose what you want to add to the site, thanks!
  • C Wright Mills: A Native Radical and his American Intellectual Roots, Penn State Univ. Press, 1984
  • Thorstein Veblen and his Critics, 1891-1963, Princeton Univ. Press, 1992
  • The Intellectual Legacy of Thorstein Veblen, Greenwood Press, 1996
  • Ideology and Utopia in the Social Philosophy of the Libertarian Economists, Greenwood Press, 2001
  • Veblen, Dewey, Mills and the Generic Ends of Life, Rowman & Littlefield, 2004
  • Veblen and the Enrichment of Evolutionary Naturalism, Univ. of Missouri Press, 2007
  • The Political Ideas of Thorstein Veblen [co-author], Yale Univ. Press, 2011
  • Veblen and his European Contemporaries, 1880-1940, Edwin Mellon Press, 2011


Author: Ken Frejlach, class of 1956.

Remember: Keep a watchful eye for the soon to be published docudrama of “Take No Memories“ due to be soon available in December on Amazon. Information will appear on this site as to how and where it can be purchased. 


Ralph Mac Magee, Class of 1957

I've written and published two books snd Susan will be proofing my thord which I hope to get out before year-end.
2015: The Woman Board
2017: Book One of a Trilogy "From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores"
Both published by the Friesen Press Vancouver Canada.


Gloria: A Downwind Saga

Front Cover

Mabel M. Mitchell

Hurricane Pub., 1989 - Nuclear weapons testing victims - 215 pages
Story of Gloria Leavitt Gregerson of Bunkerville, Nevada, one of the downwind radiation victims of Nevada nuclear testing.