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Welcome to the Boulder City High School Alumni Website.  This secure site is open to all Boulder City Alumni, whether graduated or not (including faculty and staff) who attended Boulder City High School begining with the first graduating class in 1942 through the Class of 1967.  Guests can be allowed site access with approval of site administrators.  The purpose of this site is to provide a easy and informative way to post reunion notices, items of interest about Boulder City, and to facilitate keeping in touch with each other.  (Click on 'This WebSite' for more info).



Invitation to "In Memory" Listing

You are invited to review a list of Classmate Obituaries or notices . Just go to the tab "In Memory".  The listing is by year of passing, but, it is easy to list alphpbetically, with or without a class picture.  You can also just click on your graduation year and see only that group.

I encourage you all to use your "Notify Me" tab in Member functions ...  one of the choices activates an email so you can be notified of additions to the In Memory listing.  So you won't miss a new obit added.


Thank You notes: 

Here is a pic (sic)...I will post a picture of the BCHS Girls Basketball team on the website when the uniforms arrive. LaVonne, Class of 58, (coach's mom, grandma to one player) was so excited and appreciative when I called to tell her we had met, in fact exceeded, the $2,100 goal by $200.  She 's had some real stress lately ..So when I called her I said I had something to tell her that will bring her "A spark of Joy", her response was "No, no Jim "it is a Bonfire of Joy"!

Thanks to all of you for helping, from Kirk Estes, coach, and the GIRLS.  

List of direct Donors and school year, additional funds were raised by a group of Alumni thru a raffle at our SoCal Party on 10/20/2018.  It may be embarrasing to some to be on the list but, I think they deserve the  recogintion.  

Yr. Donor Yr. Donor Yr. Donor
62 Janet Beck Lewis 59 Sandy Hamdorf 57/58 Nevada Raney Davis + Hank
60 Pepper Coombes 62 Robin Segerblom Liggett 60 Peter Lyons
58 Jim Widner 43 Mary Jane Smith 56 Frank Scussel
55 Bob Patterson 60 Dorthy Ainsworth 65 Jeannie Batchlor Miller
56 Roy Atkin 61 Sharon Rogers 64 Katie Lang Lawrence
57 Eugene Mitchell 62 Jim Lang 63 Walt Larsen
58 Lavonne Brown Estes 66 David Hamdorf 60 David Shay
42-67 Website & raffle 60 Marvin Mayes



Tom Lopas

Bill Lawellin

In addition to the Thank You above, the BCHS Volleyball coach dropped this note off with Sandy.

Dear Sandra-

Our whole team wants to thank you for your generous donation to the Girls Volleyball progam. We used it for new equipmentand an entry fee to a California tournament, that we took first place in. Our record was 33-6 and we finished undefeated in league play. We are hoping to repeat as State Champions, Because of people like you in our community that help, it might just happen.

Thanks again .. Coach Kurt Bailt

GO EAGLES p.s. I spent about an hour on your website .. that's some really cool stuff and love the way BCHS alumni give back to their Alma Mater, You're awesome!



We got NO Boulder City  volunteers for a  2018  Reunion, maybe next year? 

We did get offers of help  one from Washington state and  one from an early alumni in Henderson ..  but  both offered help with side roles,  no   offers to step  in with big jobs.

The 2017 BCHS Multi-Class Alumni Reunion was a  success in October 2017, but may have been the LAST Multi-Class event unless some interested, willing and able individuals step forward to continue this effort.  HELP is needed to sustain the Multi-Class Alumni Reunions, and this BCHS Alumni web-site .   Time is running out to make reservations, send out letters and emails, get caterer, etc.

Sandy Hamdorf Christiansen and Lail Leonard stepped in again last year to pull out a one night Reunion, they have paid their dues.  Mike Berry has moved to Texas and is not in a position to carry the ball anymore.   And, So,  we need some BCHS  individuals willing to take over this long standing BCHS alumni tradition, the annual Multi-Class Alumni Reunion, monthly alumni luncheons, and even this web-site that Jim Widner keeps up.

If you are willing to help and join the committee, contact us through the website ASAP.    Help us carry on the this long standing BCHS Alumni tradition!

Some of the Committee member responsibilities include: Participating in Alumni Committee meetings for the planning of the yearly reunion and monthly alumni luncheons; securing venues for the two-night reunion in October; arranging catering; updating, printing and mailing the reunion announcement letters and enrollment forms, alumni directories, and name badges; processing payments and updating the web-site reunion enrollments; decorations; registration; community support efforts; special events such as golf and/or raft trips, etc.


Video ..  done for 50th reunion for class of 1958

Here is a video done for our 50th class reunion, a short 10 years ago.  I watched this morning and thought it was worth a look again, especially to those in the Class of 58  ..  but, I will post it here for anyone else who may be interested,   some pics include classes of 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60.   Hit this long link to view :  Jim W.


Picture of the week

Be sure and check out some great grade school pics from several classes. They are in the the tab "Photo Galleries",  "Early Class pics".  They are grouped by decade!



Here is a pic of Biddulph Ford on Nevada Hiway across from former Airport, now the Elks Club. Also there is  a newspaper  ad from 1956 .  ..  I bought my first car there, for $95,  a  1948 Chevy. in 1956. , it lasted for a decade.  ... Jim W.


We have added some  great pics from the 2016 Reunion were taken by our classmate Ben Arp Class of '66 ..   go to the tabs on the left   "Photo Galleries"  "Reunion 2016"   ..   We are working on the pics from the very enjoyable and sucessful 2017 Reunion  and we will add them soon.

  BCHS reunion Committee  

Sandy, Mike, Greg, Lail, Jim, Pepper.           








Note:  You can see earlier Photos of the Week using the tab "Photo Galleries" "Pic of Week".  

Better yet, here is a copy of the Slideshow I did for the 2016 Reunion highlighting the past Pics.   Jim W.


Here is a great video about the RR Trail, its tunnels and its history in building Boulder Dam.    jw


Here is a great video tribute to Mrs. Gene Segerblom from her Celebration of Life gathering in 2013 ..  highlighting her contributions to BCHS  students.  Thanks to Penny Lappin Lester '64 for posting it on Facebook and special thanks to Philip Esser for posting it years ago, so we can call enjoy seeing it.   jw   

Click on this link to view  video #3:

Click on this link to view video #1 ?

There are 3 more parts to the videos, I will try to track them down also.  There is a nice obit in the Teacher List Tab you may want to explore.

Following are some of the previous information clips that were on this Home Page and became out-dated, but may still be of interest to some Alumni and new users.      Jim W.


The new Principal of BCHS came to the Reunion Friday night along with some of her teachers and a bevy of cheerful, bright students.   Mrs. Wagner, Amy to most I'll bet, sure displayed her enthusiasm and school spirit.   Here is a pic of her with two of the early BCHS grads from the Class of 1943.  Fred Holland and Mary Jane Carter Smith.  Both of their fathers helped build Boulder Dam and both have a rich part to play in the history of BC.   Fred still lives in Boulder City and mentioned his family is now in its 5th generation of students in Boulder City.  Mary Jane had a colorful, interesting start in BC and returned for a few years in mid life to raise her kids.  
We send our thanks for "Amy's"  efforts  ...   I think  BCHS is in good hands .  jw
BCHS now: see website with a video by Amy    

2016 Donation   --  This year the Donation Comittee chose to help the BCHS Girls softball team by "pitching in" to purchase their helmets.  As a THANK YOU  they made a  banner and posted it at Whalen Field.       

The Reunion Committe  also sends out our thanks to those Alumni who have made donations.  There is a tab on the home page for those who may want to join in and one listing the  generous donors.


New  welcome sign to Boulder City, highlighting "Historic Downtown".   It is patterned after the Figures of the Republic at the Dam.  The arch was put in place in December 2013.  It is at the intersection of Buchanon and Nevada Hwy, heading East.   For you oldtimers, the sign is just before you get to the site of the former Lake Auto Court and Little Store.  Also shown is a pic showing a former Welcome Banner from the 30s, in almost in  the same exact spot  as the new welcome sign.


pic from the UNLV Johnnie Manis Collecion,


New statue in Frank T. Crowe Memorial Park.  The way the the laundry is hanging up in mid-air is done well, so I thought I’d grab a photo for ya!

Narrative & Photo provided by "Boulder City Social" a great website with BC info.



Hoover Dam Megastructures Video by National Geographic.

Watch Other Boulder Dam Videos:

Your DAM fact of the day: On September 2, 1945 the Dam reopened to the public! Prior to the United States entry into WWII, the federal government established Hoover Dam as a military training camp because the hydroelectric power it generated was essential to manufacturing plants on the West Coast. In March 1941, Camp Williston was established in Boulder City with approximately 800 soldiers, rangers, watchmen, and boat pilots to patrol Hoover Dam’s perimeter. Gates were established on the highway in both Nevada and Arizona to control all public access across the dam, as well as stationary guards and roving patrols to protect key areas. When the United States officially entered the war, the dam and surrounding areas were closed to visitation. The original exhibit building, located in the Nevada Spillway lot, became the headquarters and home for the soldiers guarding the dam. Even tour guides helped in the effort by becoming part of the ranger force. To increase security, all exterior lighting at the dam, power plant and switch yards was turned off except during periods of inspection or repair; windows in the power plant were blacked out with paint; and machine gun posts were constructed around the dam. All measures remained in place until the war ended and on September 2, 1945 all normal security measures and activities resumed!

Provided by Boulder City/Hoover Dam Musuem

What a wonderful surprise I ran across a few months ago while looking at some USBR history website  ..   I came across my Dad , Chet Widner,  who was a Ranger and was one of the guards at the Dam during WWII.

Be sure to check out the tab "IN & AROUND BC" if you are nostalgic about great BC stories.

1) Articles from BC News about BC.

2) That great old Dam movie, from the Visitor Center.

3) A slide show about the new bridge construction. 

4) A wonderful PBS special video about BC and the Dam, with lots of pics and quotes from BC "old timers".

5) Interesting slide show "McKeeversville - part ghost town, part Boulder City".

6) The search for the lost watercolors of Boulder Dam done by Stanley Wood in 1931-34.

7) Just added some great pics of the building of Boulder Dam ..   go to the "In & Around BC" tab (near bottom) to view.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

8)  Where is all those years go  ..  interview and article from Boulder City Review  in  2014;

“A Gift From the Gods” by Sandra Messina is one of the 36 public art displays in Boulder City, Nev.

Your savvy, but ultimately foolhardy, tourist on his way to Hoover Dam will take a sharp left on the Highway 93 bypass and avoid this city’s “historic” downtown altogether.

Yet what the traveler saves in time and gas mileage, always important in these frugal times, he will lose in the immeasurable realm of the sublime. He will miss a lovely Art Deco-drenched, Depression-era town forged by the New Deal, a town that takes aesthetics so seriously in its urban core that it could be mistaken for an art museum.  No fewer than 36 officially recognized pieces of public art, most sculptures but also a few murals, line Boulder City’s two main thoroughfares, Nevada Way and Arizona Street.

Full article can be seen at:

It was written by Sam McManis of the Sacramento Bee and was also in the OC Register on 12/28/14.


The Boulder Bowl is going to close for good tomorrow .. that was the headline in the BC paper in May, 2011.

The city's only bowling alley was built in 1947 and was a source of fun and employment to a whole bunch of us BC Alumni. How many remember setting pins along side Kieth Pymm. But, one of your fellow alumni stepped in saying “ Kids and adults need this landmark saved “ . He bought the building, completely remodeled it, and re-negotiated the lease so the operator would continue.

Some of us stopped there after the reunion and it looks great, it almost looks like an extension of the museum with the great murals on the walls depicting the building of the Dam.

Thank You Pepper Coombes for being such a loyal, sentimental Boulder City Kid.

Mural out front. (Jessica and Pepper + Pepper)

One of the Murals added to the inside Alley Wall.

Can you help identify some of these Girl Scouts?

Front row: ?, Edith Widner, ?    Back row ?, ?, Pat Turner suggestions:  Beth Akers, Louise Smee, Dianne Earl  ??????

Walter Beeler told me they fixed it up and flew it off in the mid 50s   J.W.

BOULDER CITY REVIEW              Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wondering where all those years go


It has often been said that the older you get, the quicker time passes. In my experience, I have found this to be true.

Life has been a whirlwind lately.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Boulder City Review. And, in just a few short weeks, I will mark my one-year anniversary as editor.

I remember that week five years ago when the Boulder City News closed its doors and the Review opened. It was crazy, scrambling to find an editor and staff, while creating a flag/logo and look for the paper in just a few days.

I had done some redesign work on a sister paper, and adapting these styles for the Boulder City Review was easy. At the time, I didn’t even consider the possibility that I would one day be editor and at the helm of the paper.

It seems like just yesterday that this happened. Sure, my kids are older and I have spotted a few gray hairs, but I don’t know where the time went.

I can only imagine how the past 50 or 60 years have flown by for graduates of Boulder City High School. Judging by the stories they shared with me Friday night during the annual reunion for those who have graduated 50 or more years ago, it seems as if time barely blinked since they walked the hallowed halls of their beloved high school.

The very informal group is open to anyone who graduated from Boulder City High at least 50 years ago. They have a reunion every October where they swap stories, share a few laughs and drinks, and renew their friendships.

Their lives have taken many paths. Some have stayed in Boulder City, some have moved just over the hill and a few have ventured out of state. But no matter where they live or what they have done with their lives, one thing remains constant: a love for Boulder City and the people who call — or have called — it home.

“It’s just magical — an ideal place to grow up,” Jim Widner from the class of 1958 told me. “Everyone had two parents. We walked to school and walked home for lunch.”

“It’s just a beautiful, unique city to be raised in,” agreed Diane Nelson Earl, also from the class of 1958. “We were so blessed. We all knew each other, our teachers, our neighbors.”

Because the graduating classes were so small, and everything in town was so close together, there was less distinction between the classes and friendships spanned the years, said Richard Roper, who graduated in 1957.

They became so close that they can practically tell each other’s stories and life histories.

That closeness also extended to the school’s football field, he said. Growing up, neighborhood boys would get together to play so by the time they got to high school they already had a solid foundation for their coach to build on.

“Nobody could beat us,” he said.

Fred Holland, a member of the class of 1943 and one of the oldest people attending, said he wouldn’t miss the reunion “for all the world.”

A resident of Boulder City for most of his life, Holland said he is happy to be a part of the community. He felt so strongly about his experiences here that he persuaded his granddaughter to move her family from Reno so she could raise her children in the city.

The alumni also do some casual fundraising with prize drawings, with proceeds benefiting BCHS. Just recently, for example, they donated $2,000 to purchase a new sound system for the school.

Roy Atkin from the class of 1956, said the group’s seed money was a scholarship fund started in 1956. Today, however, BCHS seniors have ample opportunities to obtain scholarships, so about eight years ago the group decided to stop giving scholarships and use the money for things the school needs.

Members of the current student council were on hand at the reunion to thank the group and help with check in and a raffle.

And though they still have a few years to go until they are eligible to join the group, the soon-to-be graduates saw how good friends and special memories can melt away time.

Happy 4th of July

Here are some pics from the BC Damboree celebrations in 1953 borrowed from the Boulder City Musuem webpage ..  you can see at their great website at

1943 ..  Civil Defense, volunteer firemen

Ferraro Murals

Photo provided by "Boulder City Social" a great website with BC info.  For the Mural Tour click on their link:

Here is a great WWII pic of BC,  I got from Facebook by a user "Vintage Vegas".  It shows Camp Williston and it's  barracks, which came into play in our days as a Mormon Church, National Guard meeting place and Polka Dot Haven.        jw


1st BC Schools in 1932  ..  organized by the community.


In Memory of Frank Shelton, Class of 42.

There are many kids who grew up in Boulder City who made a big impact on the world and became a success.  Mary Jane Carter Smith (43) and Homer Olsen (42) have aquainted me with their classmate Frank Shelton from the first graduating  Class of 42.  I felt it was worth sharing their friendship and memories with you all.  He passed away last month.  His family posted a very nice obit which is in his Memory Page.  Homer was his best friend for 80+ years and had some stories about him in a book Homer wrote.  They are also on the Memory page.  

Coinsidently someone from the BC Historic Assoc. very recently posted a pic of him on facebook when he was a young boy in McKeeversville.   His father was a 31er and was an electrician on the Dam and died  young.


Frank went on from  BCHS to WWII then on  to Cal Tech and Amherst  and became a  nuclear physicist.  He went on to be the leading scientist on developement of atomic bombs, atomic testing and nuclear energy production.  He authored many books and films about nuclear issues.

I just wanted to point out this wonderful story of a BC kid, with apparant spartan beginnings, and invite you to read his Memory page.  A tab on the top left side of the home page.     Jim W.

Dead Roses and Blooming Deserts:   The Medical History of a New Deal Icon1
by:    Michelle Follette Turk

“They died to make the desert bloom. The United States of America will continue to remember that many who toiled here found their final rest while engaged in the building of this dam. The United States of America will continue to remember the services of all who labored to clothe with substance the plans of those who first visioned the building of this dam.” 2

Although a memorial plaque at the Hoover Dam sets the number of workers killed during its construction at ninety-six, the real figure was nearly double.3

You can acces the whole artice/paper from  the "In & Around BC" tab.

Remember those dust devils at dry lake. .. Here is interesting article and video.

click on this link

This is a good website for BC info.

Some 1st for BC

From  Boulder City Journal of March 11, 1932 (BC 1st Anniv.) 

  Newspaper from the Marvin Mayes Collection.

Boulder City Now Has An Official Flower

Hollyhock - Official Flower of Boulder City, NV

Yep! Boulder City, Nevada now has its own flower — it’s officially called the “Boulder City 31ers Heirloom Hollyhock” and it’s a pretty one, too!

The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, with support from the 31ers and the Historic Preservation Committee, requested that the City adopt the hollyhock as the official flower for Boulder City in Resolution 5914, which was unanimously passed at the May 8th, 2012 City Council Meeting.

Below is an excerpt from the Museum’s official letter that gives a little history about the hollyhock plant and why it’s a recognizable piece of Boulder City history.

And if you would like to purchase seed packets of the Boulder City 31ers Heirloom Hollyhock, you can do that at the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum (located in the Boulder Dam Hotel at 1305 Arizona St.) for $5 per packet!

And a big thanks to Patty Sullivan for the great photos below of our new official flower…check out the whole plant image below!

Hollyhock in Boulder City, NevadaIla Clements-Davey and Laura Smith are two women who grew up in early Boulder City during the 1930s. Their father, Tom Godbey, was a Hoover Dam construction worker who built the first privately owned home on Avenue L. Taken from the oral histories of these women is a story about the first hollyhock seeds brought to Boulder City by their neighbor, Grandma Pickett. In the spring of 1932, the first hollyhock plants grew from little sprouts to tall, blossoming plants at Grandma Pickett’s house. The hollyhocks provided protection for the children playing outside in the hot desert sun. Laura Smith specifically remembers the effect the plants had on her as a small child, “As a little one I thought that was my best friend in all the world,” she said, “because it was shade.” Grandma Pickett shared her seeds with her neighbors, and shortly many homes on Avenue L had their very own hollyhocks on display.

Throughout the decades, the seeds from those first Boulder City hollyhock plants have been passed down through the generations of Boulder City families and throughout the community, as they can be seen blooming all throughout town this spring. The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum’s 31ers Educational Outreach Program also uses the hollyhock oral history as a tool to educate children about environment, agriculture, and (through the oral histories) use of primary sources as valuable research material.

Boulder Dam Hotel

There have been numerous books written about the construction of Boulder Dam (subsequently renamed Hoover Dam) but I stumbled onto one very simple book about it.  This Zane Grey novel, Boulder Dam, published in 1963, years after Grey died.  In it, Grey's hero, Biff, works at eleven different jobs on the construction site.  I recommend it just for a view of construction work and Boulder City in the 1930s.

And a lot of pictures have been taken of the dam and of its construction.  If you see a picture of workers toiling away on Boulder Dam, there's a pretty good chance that it was taken by Ben Glaha who was hired to document the project.  Glaha was a very talented and artistic photographer and a book of his work at the dam was published in 1999 by Santa Barbara art professor, Barbara Vilander.

About four years ago, we were passing through the desert Southwest again, and happened upon the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City.  Well, that's not quite accurate.  Linda's sister lives in Boulder City and she knew that this was they kind of hotel that we would love.  It's on the National Register of Historic Places and has an elegant lobby with lots of historic photos.  She was right.  This was our room.

Notice that picture on the wall?  It is the Boulder Dam Hotel at an earlier date.  I went out and took a current picture for comparison.
BoulderCity-1-1 BoulderCity-3

 Now, last January, we were browsing through an antique mall in the Pensacola, Florida, area and I came upon issue number two of U.S. Camera from January, 1939.  Inside is a feature article on Boulder Dam by Ben Glaha.  It has a couple of Glaha's well-known pictures but also has this one titled simply, "Dan."

I sent the magazine along to sister-in-law Cindy who promptly told me that there is a statue of Dan in Boulder City.  Well, I missed it when we were there.  But just a few blocks from the Boulder Dam Hotel, there is indeed a statue of Dan by sculptor, Steven Liguori.  He has taken a bit of liberty with the name but that's Dan, don't you think?
BoulderCity-4 BoulderCity-5