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Alan Naegle - Class Of 1961

Alan Naegle

09/23/11 04:41 PM #1    

George Caso

Alan was my best friend in High School, we worked together mowing lawns and washing cars our Jr. and Sr. years.  He taught me to play ping-pong, we played in his garage all summer (I never won). Alan attempted to help me study, it never took.  Four or five, maybe even longer, years ago I made contact with him over the phone.  He indicated he made some personal mistakes, got involved where he should not and really did not want contact from anyone.  The surprise to me, was that he still lived in Boulder City.

09/27/11 09:52 AM #2    

Karl Miller

I remember Alan as someone who was quick to find the humor in a situation, often when no one else could.   I appreciated that then, and appreciate it more now.  

I also remember one night when we had been imbibing a bit, and Alan was driving his parents car remarkably slowly and carefully.   He made it all the way home, but unfortunately then drove through the car port and knocked over the cinder block wall in the back yard.    It didn't hurt the old Chev, which he put back in the car port, but he did have some explaining to do, and some work to do, the next morning. 

George, I expect it is very difficult for you to understand why Alan did not want to have contact with people from his past, especially someone like you that had been his best friend.    My guess is Alan was struggling with serious issues, and didn't want anyone from his past to see it.    He is at peace now.   God Bless Him. 



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06/11/14 12:34 PM #1    

Pat Naegle (Close)

My brother, Alan Wood Naegle, departed this world on April 5, 2005, at the age of 61 from esophogeal cancer.  After a number of years living San Francisco, Alan and his wife Sarah moved back to Boulder City in 1991 and were a great help to my parents, who still lived in the house our Dad build on 7th Street.  Alan worked for many years in construction in Las Vegas.  He left his wife Sarah, 3 daughters, and has 5 grandchildren.

Shirl (BCHS '66), Alan ('61), Pat ('75) & John ('60) Naegle

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