In Memory

Denny Fehler - Class Of 1959

Denny Fehler

In Memory of

Dennis Jerome Fehler

May 30, 1941 - June 14, 2014


Arrangements under the direction of Palm Boulder Highway Mortuary, Henderson, NV.

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10/06/16 12:02 PM #1    

Karl Miller (1961)

We called him 'fingers' Fehler when he blew the doors off the school typing record.    Then the name changed to the 'Green Stamp Bandit' after an incident at Central Market.   Denny was an interesting man to have as a schoolmate.   Always thinking in creative ways, always with a sly grin on his face, always friendly, never harmed anyone as far as I know.   

God Bless his family and friends 

Karl Miller    BCHS '61

10/07/16 09:07 AM #2    

Bill Herald (1959)

Denny was, indeed, a great typist ... BUT as good as he was, he couldn't beat me in the 5-minute test (in which I set the school record of 95 wpm with no errors) and the 10-minute test (in which I had 79 wpm with no errors). I couldn't keep up with him in the 1- and 3-minute tests, however. But the difference was that the 1- and 3-minute tests were repeating a sentence over and over, whereas the longer tests were from lengthy texts with no repetition of sentences.

May Denny continue to rest in peace.

10/07/16 09:20 AM #3    

Mariaelena Garn (Garn-McGough) (1962)

When I move to bc in 1959, one of the first persons I met was Denny. Also met my husband at the same time, along with Tarter.
When he lived in Basic we didn't hold that against him! Used to go to his house and go places with him and his family.
What a gentle soul. Always smiling and caring for others.
Be well Denny, you deserve peace and serenity now. Denny and I speak of you often and will truly miss you in this life.

10/07/16 05:10 PM #4    

Julie (Judy Gail) Hunsaker (Grandi) (1959)

Wow, I had no idea typing was another of his skills!   RIP, Denny.

(From Judy Gail)

10/08/16 11:26 AM #5    

Bill Herald (1959)

Another thing Denny was real good at was bowling ... and he was a pinboy for a time at Boulder Bowl.

10/10/16 02:10 AM #6    

Robert Scott (1959)

Well, Denny was one of us guys who were lagging nickels in front of the new drug store in 1956-9. Sad to say, there aren't too many of those guys left around. We'll count heads at the next reunion-- 2019. I'll be there.

Robert Scott

10/10/16 12:45 PM #7    

Larry Hardy (1959)

I took typing with Denny and he ( and Bill Herald ) would beat me ... so, I took typing two times ... but, lo and behold.. when I joined the Army (so I wouldn't be drafted) I was the only one in our Bravo 23 Company that could type... so, I had to type for the 2nd & 1st lieutenants, Captains, etc.. got out of a lot of Basic training stuff and ended up working as Company Clerk ( doing the hard time in air conditioned environment while others were outside in 110degree heat ... in AIT! )  Thanks Denny .. RIP there is more.. will save for later... 

07/28/17 03:52 PM #8    

Dick Trelease (1959)

Denny was another real good friend thru the years in BC.  I really felt a big loss when I learned of his passing.  Many of us missed seeing/talking with him at our annual and/or periodic HS reunions.  Many of us gathered and hoped we would see him more often.

I noted a significant omission in the writings about his numerous and varied top notch skills that were written by others before me.  The one I remember well, that I was surprised that Larry did not mention, was that Denny was an excellent stelar baseball catcher in our eary playing days.  Larry too was/is an excellent excellent catcher in later years, the reason I mentioned him. It was hard to find a capable andgifted catcher, when we were just learing to catch and throw.  Denny was far advanced.  All of us long-time BC people will not forget Denny... he was a part of us all.  Dick Trelease

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